I ended up going to the party anyway.

I didn't want to, but I went nevertheless.

When I entered the big living room, which was the centre of the partying, I caught sight of Hunter. He was standing in a corner together with Jayme, the schools gay girl-look-alike, ergo a gay guy dressing as a girl, aka cross-dressing. Got it? Good.

Jayme's eyes swept over the room, they widened a moment when they saw me, and then he leaned closer to Hunter and said something to him.

Hunter peered over his shoulder, met my eyes, and then a wide smile broke forth on his lips. He pushed himself out from the wall and came walking towards me.

I felt my heart jump in my chest as he approached me. He was so handsome; so charming and attractive and beautiful…

I wanted him to be only mine, but I knew that he wasn't. He could never be only mine, because he needed more than one person.

But it's me he's sticking to, though, I thought. All the other he leaves after one or two times… He's still with me, after a month of being on-and-off… That has to mean something, right…?

"Hi, I was starting to get afraid you wouldn't come," Hunter said and embraced me in his arms.

"I'm here," I mumbled against his collarbone and hesitantly wrapped my arms around him and hugged him back.

My heart was beating faster than ever, and I felt myself melt completely. He could have done anything to me in that moment and I wouldn't care.

It's so good having his arms around me…

We slowly untangled us from each other and he quickly pecked my cheek.

I glared at him. Why is he so nice to me tonight? I wondered.

"Come on," Hunter said and flung an arm around my shoulder. "Come meet the guys!"

He led me towards the corner he had stood in when I came in, and now I noticed that it wasn't only Jayme who was there. Three other guys sat in a sofa, while Jayme sat on the arm rest.

I recognized Lester Fairbanks; River's stepbrother. He was the son of the man married to River's father. Yes, River's father is gay. The guy was pretty handsome; his blonde forelock fell down in his azure eyes and he had a smile that could charm anyone to the ground. He wore light blue, ripped, jeans and a tight shirt with a just-as-tight t-shirt over.

He was pretty different from River; who had black hair with his tips dyed blood-red, they both had azure eyes, though, but River's eyes were more nice and caring, while Lester's eyes were flirting and playfully. Not even their clothes were alike. River always wore tight black pants with three to five nail-belts at a time that never actually did hold his pants up, and tight t-shirts and sweaters. But then again, they weren't exactly related to each other.

Hunter dragged me over to the other side of the sofa, where he sat down on the arm rest, like Jayme sat on the opposite side. Then he pulled me closer and wrapped his arms around my waist.

I looked at the boy who sat closest to us in the couch. He had hazelly hair and nut-brown, mysterious eyes. His face was expressionless, and it didn't look like he smiled that often. But he was in fact extremely good looking. He wore a light blue shirt and dark blue jeans with a single nail-belt who actually did its job to hold the pants up. That was something new, because everyone I have seen up to now with nail-belts, mostly River and Hunter, doesn't even have them in the belt loops, just have them as some kind of finery over it, and even though it looks cool, I don't fucking know why they want to wear belts when they doesn't held the pants up.

"Is this your new playtoy, Hunter?"

I got ripped out of my thoughts, and I moved my eyes from the coldly, beautiful and elegant boy to the one who sat in-between him and Lester.

The first thing I saw was the plain black eyes. They completely spellbound me. I had never seen such dark and coldly, and yet so penetrating that I felt they could look right into my soul eyes.

I ripped my eyes away from his and studied the rest of him instead. His hair was just as black as the eyes, who I swear have to be contacts, even though I kind of doubt it. His forelock falls down in those incisive eyes, and it curled itself by his ears. He had a piercing in his eyebrow, one on the middle of his lower lip, and when he parted his lip a little I saw that he also had one in his tongue.

My eyes moved downwards; he had a tight, black shirt on with an open black, hood-sweater over. He also wore tight, black pants, (that reminded me of River), and what was it with the nail-belts?! This guy wore four, and no one held the fucking pants up!

Those nail belts just annoyed the shit out of me. Except from the nearest guy, who wore the belt as it was supposed to be worn.

And then it ascended to me what that fucking punk-goth-emo-freak had said.

"I'm not someone playtoy!" I snapped.

"You're right, you're not," the guy said. "You have to be special."

"Excuse me?" I snarled. "What's that supposed to mean? Special?"

"Hunter's been with you for a month," the boy said. "It has to be something about you that's worth it. Are you just as hot-tempered in bed, maybe?"

I quickly leaned forward and snapped my fingers right in front of his face. I didn't hit him or anything, but it surprised him and he yanked his head away.

"Shut the fuck up," I hissed.

"Heated little shit, aren't you?" The guy smirked.

Now I really wanted to slap him.

And I would have done it if Hunter hadn't grabbed my hand and held me tight into him.

"Cut it out, you two," he said and gave both of us a warning glance. "Guys, this is Kael," he said, mostly to the two who were unknown for me, because I knew Lester and Jayme. "And Kael, this is two of my best friends. The silent guy over here is Donovan…" He waved towards the hazelly haired boy.

"Hi," I said and only got a nod back. I might be wrong, but I think that guy has something against talking…!

"And the guy you nearly slapped is Weed."

I exchanged a coldly look with the black haired guy. His name was Weed?! What kinda name was that?!

"It's my real name," the guy said with another smirk.

"Did I ask about it?" I snapped.

"Sure you did, just not with your voice." He was still smirking.

I narrowed my eyes. I already hate that smirk!

"You are a little short-tempered, aren't you?" Weed smirked again.

I clenched my teeth. I wanted to snarl back, wanted to slap him, wanted to just walk away from there. But I couldn't decide what to do so I stayed.

"You're cute when you're angry, you know," he said.

"Weed!" Donovan suddenly yelled. "Shut up! He might actually slap you if you keep this up!"

I hadn't expected that freak to actually do as Donovan said, but he surprised me; he closed his mouth and leaned back in the couch, glaring wryly at the hazel haired guy.

I turned away from them and looked at Hunter. His eyes were serious and quizzically, and for once he must have taken his medicine. He has ADHD and without his meds he's completely overactive. It's when he doesn't take his medicine he's cheating on me.

"Do these guys go to our school?" I asked.

"Yeah, they go in my class," Hunter said. "Well, in some of my classes… River and I have known them for years."

"Then why haven't I met them before?" I asked.

Hunter shrugged.

"We don't hang out much in school," he said. "I'm hanging out with the gang, while they," he nodded towards Weed and Donovan, "are doing other things in school breaks. Such as making out in a closet, in the boy's bathroom, the boy's locker room…"

"I get it," I cut him off before he went even deeper in details.

I glanced wryly at the two in the sofa again. They were together? It didn't look like it, though, but the way Donovan had stopped Weed a few minutes earlier… Weed didn't look like a guy who did as someone commanded him to do, so for Donovan to stop him so easily… It had to be something between them.

"Hey, Kael," Lester's voice brought me out of my thoughts. "Have you spoken to River today?"

"Yeah," I said with a small nod.

"What were his plans for the night? Is he coming here?"

I shook my head in a negative answer.

"He's at his house together with Kaiser," I said. "They wanted to spend some alone-time together, I think…"

"Didn't come as a shock," Lester yawned and stretched his upper body. "He's always spending time with that adorable little boyfriend of his."

"Can you blame him?" I said, a little snappishly. "He cares about him. They care about each other."

I gave Hunter a sharply glance when I said that, and his eyes narrowed.

"What did you mean with that?" He grabbed my shoulders and yanked me tightly into him, turning me completely so I'm staring right into his eyes. "What the Hell was that supposed to mean?!"

"If you cared about me Hunter, you wouldn't cheat on me," I snapped.

"You think I don't care about you?" He snapped back. He locked his hands around my neck and pulled my face closer to his own. "Don't you dare think something like that…! Because I like you! I wouldn't be here with you if I didn't!"

I squeezed my eyes shut. His lips was so close, I could feel his breath on my lips…

"Stop it," I whispered. "Stop it, please, don't do this… I can't… Stop it…!"

He didn't listen. Instead he placed his lips over mine and kissed me gently.

I moaned silently into his mouth, not able to resist him anymore. I never could resist him when he kissed me. I just gave up everything, got weak and pliant in his arms, and let him do what we both wanted to do…

Oh my God… I love him so much…!

So guess where I ended up that night.

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