ONE DAY WE MIGHT just find our skulls lying in the dirt.
"Hey look."
"Isn't that…?"
The shapes looked awfully familiar. And the smell—a searing, putrid smell that I swear was seeping through my pores.
"Ew. I don't want to see that. Put it away."
"We just dug them up. What do you want to—"
"I said put them away!"
"Jesus Christ, Jackie." So he shoveled the ground with his scrawny biceps. I'm not even sure if he had biceps. But he shoveled them away, anyhow, so I could breathe again and not have to have that horrible smell seep through my pores and ruin my makeup.

scabs and skulls
knotted brown hair
with a bald spot

A/N: I'm not quite sure where this came from. It's not even quality, but I just thought it was frickin' hilarious when I randomly found this in my writing folder on my laptop. I think I wrote it when I was dozing off in my bed a few nights ago...