Hello again! So this is the second chapter…It gets pretty interesting, not that I'm giving anything away. Be warned: it is a little sad. I extend my ultimate thanks to those who reviewed the first chapter (it's nice to know someone appreciates my efforts). Anyway, to cut my rambling short…enjoy!

CHAPTER 2: Saying Goodbye

"Are you sure that's everything?" Diana asked. The three sisters were in the bedroom. There was a huge, not to mention ugly, carpetbag on one of the beds. Diana had been packing everything Marie and Katherine owned into it, and now paused to look up at them.

"I can't believe you two are going to Deveret! And by yourselves, too…" Here she trailed off, thinking of all the possible trouble they could and probably would get into.

"I wonder if we'll meet any pirates," Katherine said.

"I hope so. I just love a good adventure."

"Well, I hope not. Pirates are dreadful creatures! I don't even want to think about what they would do to the two of you," Diana said with firm resolution.

"They would probably shriek in fear as Marie killed them all, just like Taylor Benningham," Katherine said and Marie burst into laughter as they remembered the boy who had dared to get on Marie's bad side during the short time they had been in school.

"All right, that's enough you two. You'd better get to the docks before the ship leaves without you."

Marie and Katherine gave their sister a big hug and said their goodbyes.

"You both be careful now, y'hear? Take care of each other and don't ever get separated. Promise?" Diana said with tears in her eyes.

"Promise," said Katherine.

"Promise," said Marie.

After hugging them both fiercely one last time, Diana handed Marie the heavy carpetbag, she being the stronger of the two, and saw them off.

"Who knows, maybe you'll be rich when you come back. Or married."

Marie and Katherine cracked a smile at this, and then off they went. As they walked down the street to the docks, Katherine looked behind her. She looked back at the door of the whorehouse where they had lived and worked for most of their lives. The figure of Diana was still in the doorway. Her slender body was covered in a purple silk, off-the-shoulder dress that went down to her ankles. Her thin arms were crossed over her chest and her eyes were full of tears that made her make up run.

As Katherine saw her sister standing there, she realized that she would never see her again. She glanced at Marie and saw a single tear stream down her cheek. Marie had known as soon as she had agreed to the voyage that they would never see Diana again.