Out of My Head

Why do you keep coming back?

Why can't you just leave my head?

Get out of my thoughts, leave!

I just want to be able to go to bed,

And not have to worry each night,

Of you appearing in my dreams,

I won't have to worry about that,

Or waking up just to scream…

Do you feel this way?

Do you randomly think of me?

Do you wish I would leave you,

And get out of all that you see?

It seems like I can't escape you,

Every time I look, you're right there,

Everywhere I am you're close by,

Sometimes I wonder if you even stare,

Do you just happen to look at me,

And I suddenly just catch your eye?

Or have you moved on like that,

And I'm the only one living the lie?

Sometimes I miss you and how you loved me,

Other times I hate how you left me to drown,

Feeling so empty, I couldn't stay above the waters,

You didn't even reach out your hand as I went down,

I'll say sorry for not being good enough,

I'm sorry for once being your angel, now wingless and alone,

You've taken everything from me, even my wings,

There's nothing more for me to do other than continue life on my own.