Dreams Do Come True

Nothing can describe what I'm feeling inside

My content is bubbling over

Rushing to my head

And back down to my toes.

I smile endlessly, my face stretches as I do.

The beat of my heart races

And booms within my chest

My eyes twinkle with delight

As a tear rolls down my rosy cheeks

Never have I felt like a princess 'till this moment

When you surprised me with your generosity and kindness

That can only be described in one word as love.

I guess God has answered my prayers

And sent me an angel

And that angel just happens to be you

You're here to protect me, rescue me, play with me, and laugh with me


Because I've never imagined that you would drop to your knees

Hold open a blue velvet box with the token of life, love, and everything I mean to you Inside.

I've only dreamed of this moment when you would say "Will you marry me?"

And it's in this minute that you've convinced me that

Dreams do come true.