Once upon a time there was a little poor girl who was very, very hungry. She lived in a twig house with her little poor family. They never got expensive things like paper or new clothes, and they barely ever ate. In fact, they hadn't eaten for days and days and days.

Her family would always complain about how little money they had. They would talk about how much better it would be to be rich. All the time they would whine, and cry, cry, cry. No, but not the little girl. She appreciated all the little things, and even though she was very, very hungry, she was happy with what she had.

One day, though, she decided that she just couldn't stand it anymore. She was hungry and she was going to eat. So, late at night, when her family was sleeping very, very deeply, she crept up to their little hay beds, and began to nibble on their toes, and then their feet, and then their legs, and worked her way up until she was chewing on their hair. She did this very softly, of course, so they would not at all notice.

She knew that what she did was very bad. But, now her stomache was full. And now her family didn't have to complain anymore. Now, maybe, she could do it again to someone else who is not greatful enough, when she becomes hungry again. She'd have to do it very softly, of course, so they would not at all notice.