You think she's alive.

You think that she can process what you say.

Sorry to break it to you kid,

She doesn't know who you are,

What you're saying.

She can't see you.

Sure she's alive.

Sure you've seen her face,

But she's ninety-eight,

And it hurts you,

I know it does.

It hurts to see someone alive,

And hurt so badly,

Past that point of return,

And you can't help them.

You know you can't.


Don't tell this to your friends.

They'll tell you how lucky it is for you,

That she's still alive.

But you know it isn't.

This isn't luck.

Being alive,

Being alive is…


Not like this.

She lives a life,

But a shadow of what life really is.

A life without thought,

A life without love,

A life,


But can you call that a life?

She's shut in a cave,

A dark cave,

A black cave,

An empty cave.

And she can't,

(Or won't, who knows)

Get out.

She doesn't try to get out.

You wish she would,

But she doesn't.

You know she can't.

And even though you love her,

Even though,

She once loved you too,

She's not coming back.

You know she isn't.

So you have to let go.

Let go of her,

Just let her drift off.

You know she'll be happier,

If she's even consciously aware what's happening.

Let her go,

And don't hold her hand,

Because this path that she's chosen,

It isn't for you.

Not yet,


So say your farewells,


To this woman you once admired,

To this woman who,

Once upon a time,

Loved you back.

Say goodbye child,

And don't look back.