You'll be sorry every time you look at me,

You'll be sorry when you gaze upon my face,

If you even live to see it,

Which I doubt,

You'll remember what you did.

You'll look at me,

I'll look at you,

And you'll be sorry,

Sure you will.

You'll be scared.

And you'll be worried,

And you'll start peeking around dark corners,

When you were hurting me.

You'll be sorry every time you remember these

Bars that confine you to your prison,

Those bars that were built by your love and my hate.

And you'll remember every time you looked at me,

Every time I slapped you,


Stole a piece of your heart,

Since I knew you couldn't steal mine.

You'll be sorry every second,

Every minute,

That you

Remember me.

My passion to help,

My urge to love,

My complete devotion to the sound that you used to speak.

You'll dream and wonder,

What would have happened,

If you hadn't hurt him.

If you hadn't hurt him,

Maybe I'd still be there.

But you did,

Oh you did,

Time and time again.

Even after he was gone,

You were scornful and cruel,

And I hurt you,

More than you know,

I hurt you.

I killed you inside,

And you thought I was your fault,

And it was horrible of me to watch,

But I loved every moment,

I loved watching someone crumple,

And for once,

Just once,

It wasn't me.

I smiled and laughed and shrieked.

So much was my happiness,

To avenge his memory,

To make you atone for your sins.

You cried,

And stumbled to the floor,

And I stood there,

Smiling maliciously,

You didn't see me.

You never saw me.

And look at that,

I'm here now,

And you aren't.

You're gone,

And you're not coming back.

I'm glad.

I'm so much better now,

Without having to know that you're here,

On this world,



Well you aren't,

I guess I took care of that.

And now you're gone,

And I'm not,

And I smile every day at the picture of you,

Tacked on my door,

With needles on it,

Needles that could have hurt you.

But I was kind.

I didn't use those.

Of course not.

You didn't deserve so much effort.

So I did the simplest thing.

I attacked from the inside.

I hurt you so badly,

I didn't need to do anything after that,


You know,

That was all you.

Everything that happened was all you.

The hurt,

The pain,

The crying,

The screams,

The thoughts,

The fights,

That was all you.

All you.