Lysol disinfectant, Check, Ajax, check, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, check, Swiffer duster, check, Swiffer mop, check, Folgers coffee, check, Krispy Cream, check. Man who would have thought it would cost so much just to clean and restock the lounge at the station. Thank God for Lysol, I could almost kiss the person who invented it. People better believe it; it does wonders for any surface it cleans.

Seriously though they better appreciate what I am doing, and it better go a long way in getting in the women officers good graces. Now all I have to do is clean. Right, this shouldn't be hard women do this all the time and because of all the cool new gadgets it should be even easier.

Three no Four hours later…

Help me please someone, I'm drowning in Lysol. How am I ever gonna get this done. I don't think I can do this.

Two hours later…

I can't do this; it's time to call in the experts. "Hello, Mighty Maid, I would like you to send someone over, as soon as possible oh, and could you come from the back entrance." Now this is an invention I can really appreciate.

One and a half hour later…

"So that is $150 for everything, how come it's so much cheaper" I say

"Someone already did the hard work in the washroom, I just had to go over it properly" replied the maid.

"Thanks any way, you have no idea how helpful you were"

"Hey if you want I can ask my employer to get you a job at Mighty Maid?"

"Hahaha, no thanks I work here, I don't need a job. Though I think I will be calling you a lot from now on, do you think you could work out a deal for me with your boss"

"I'll see what I can do"

Okay so the filter goes here and then you put the coffee in the filter. Sinff Ahhh, French Vanilla, not only does it smell good but tastes good too, not like normal black coffee. I wonder who made the coffee before, it tasted like sludge. Now all I have to do is leave it and it will make itself. The wonders of technology I couldn't live without it. Where did I put those Nutra Grain bars, ah ha the cupboard above the sink.

You would think that since the police protect and serve they would eat healthy. Seriously I am going to get this department into tip top shape. Starting with Teddy, if he eats it then everyone else has to eat it. I am going to make a stop to all the greasy and sugary foods. Bye bye donuts, mentally waving to them as I throw them into the garbage. Ha, that was the last of the disgusting food. Now to have a talk with Teddy about all these changes before someone finds out.

"Teddy" I call out as I knock at his door "Do you have a minute?"

"Sure come in Lexxie"

"Teddy there is something I wanted to tell you. I just cleaned out the washrooms and the kitchen and threw out all the garbage and disgusting heart clogging food."

"Good, good" he muttered as he wrote on a file "That's goo—What! Did you just say you threw out all the food" he all but screamed.

"Yea, I decided that we need a fresh new start so I bought some flavoured coffee that comes for the same price as regular and I bought healthy snacks for everyone to eat. No more junk food, the people here are police officers who serve and protect, they need to be in shape; not huffing and puffing."

"I don't know Lexxie, this is a big step maybe if you had consulted me before you did all this then I could have warned you." Then he muttered to himself "Why, why did you do this to me God. This was the only place where I could eat without my wife nagging me to watch my cholesterol and sugar"

"I heard that mister. Do you know Marie has to sacrifice as much junk food as you do? She doesn't think it is fair of only you stop eating so she makes meals that both of you can eat, do you think it is easy for her? I exclaimed.

"I know, I know, it's just hard to give up something that tastes so good; all that sugary goodness, the tantalizing chocolate that can be made into so many desserts. Sigh, you just crushed all my hopes of getting away with eating all the good stuff here."

"I was hoping you would take my side on this, this means no fatty foods for you to" giving him the puppy dog eyes.

"Lexxie" he sighed trying to resist my expression "I don't think I can—"

"I'll tell you what, for you I will teach Marie how to make all those delicious foods you like so much and the best thing is they don't have a lot of fat and the desserts don't have too much sugar. So you can enjoy the foods you like without eating tofu" I bribed him.

"Oh alright, I'll back you but even I can go so far, these people like their junk foods its comfort food to them. I can help you when I am there but behind my back they will do anything."

"I can take care of myself; I didn't learn the martial arts for no reason. And when it comes to pranks I can dish out like the best of them, you just leave them to me."

Man I really know what the Chief is saying, all that chocolate, it's just so hard to resist, especially when you are on a diet. DaVinci, tell me what you think and what I can improve on.