Crippling the universe,

Bending it around your thumb,

Spacing out into solace,

Sadly we're here, painless, numb.

Over-estimating love,

Under-estimating peace,

Reprimanding faith,

Now it will all cease.

Time will stop ticking,

Humans will stop being,

Everyone's on edge,

Souls will start fleeing.

Madness will overcome,

Reign our minds with terror,

Sleeping pills slipped into our drinks,

Lunatics come fairer.

Confusion will set in,

Making everything quite clear,

There was no hope from the beginning,

Each person's eyes displayinig fear.

Of joy slowly rotting,

And happiness gone bad,

Serenity is dead,

There's nothing left to be had.

AN: this and my other poems cannot be copied!

Copyright 2006