The Family Secret


Chapter 2: The Team

"Lynnie!" Ms. Kayla said for the twentieth time that day. She really did wish Melina and Cameron would stop their across the room argument and pay a little more attention to what was going on but sometimes their arguing would solve the most difficult cases…that was Cameron for you, it was always difficult to know when he was being serious. "I really don't think it's the step sister." Cameron said in a casual tone and Ms. Kayla waited for the two to start up another argument. However Melina didn't counter but started typing into the computer in front of her. "Mel?" Cameron's voice interrupted Lynnie's thoughts. She frowned at her partner but Ms. Kayla, sensing that another argument was about to start quickly started her standard lecture on the correct procedures of crime-scene investigation.

Being one of s8's best teams, they did a lot of field work and were by now accustomed to most techniques of the trade. Of course, theirs was a tricky job with so many risks involved that they had to be mentally prepared for the worst. It wasn't like they had never had near death experiences either; those too were part of the job description… That was one of the reasons they were so close, they had to work as a team in order to survive, in fact, more often than not, their lives depended on one another and that required utmost trust. Lynnie and Cam worked especially well when in dangerous situations, of course both had a knack for getting into trouble and often brought it upon themselves.

The S8 team was going to the Richton Manor to try and solve the case. It had been two days since they had received the case and they didn't have a lead, so they decided to work on the scene of the crime itself. It was for that reason that they now sat in the s8 mini-van with Cameron driving. Sitting beside him with a half-bored, half-irritated look on her face sat the ever sarcastic ice-queen, the captain of their team her self, Melina. Behind them, in the middle seat, Jase was in dreamland, his head resting against the window. On the other side, Josie tried to complete the history homework she had neglected the entire week due to a basketball match which had taken place on Thursday. Behind them, on the back seat, Stan worked on his lab. Report for s8, typing away vigorously on his laptop, concentrating fully in his work while the girl beside him read yet another one of her economics textbooks, of which she had plenty of.

"Two more hours left, and I'm already bored!" Izzie said from her seat in between Jase and Josie. She was already bored of the book she had brought with her. "Let's play a game." Cameron answered her, his all familiar smirk making its way onto his face. "Eyes on the road idiot!" Melina snapped at him, the snap was accompanied by her trademark glare, the one she saved especially for Cameron Li. "Come on Mel, it'll be fun…don't be such a wet blankeeeeeet," he finished trying to sound whiny. Melina rolled her eyes and whacked him on the head with a sports magazine which originally belonged to Sara.

"Keep it down guys!" Stan said, his eyes glued to the screen in front of him. Cameron and Melina gave each other significant looks, both knew how much of a computer freak Melina's beloved cousin was, it was one of the few things they agreed on. "Come on, Stan! Lighten up. Take a chill pill enjoy life…" Cameron grinned at his team-mate. "Don't be like Mel or Sara…they don't know how to live…ouch!" Both girls had simultaneously thrown something at him, Sara with one of her books and Melina with her water bottle. It was one of those moments when Cam was caught by surprise, so while he managed to catch the history textbook thrown at him, the water bottle hit him on his left shoulder. "Do not attack your driver!" he said with a mock growl, his eyes narrowing down to make it look more convincing.

They stayed quiet for awhile, probably because they didn't want to spend the most part of their three hour drive bickering or maybe because they were passing a spot with amazing scenery. Their silence lasted for fifteen minutes before being broke again, this time by Josie. "Cameron, are you sure you know the way?" the girl asked, suspicious of the so-called genius who usually got them into tricky situations like this. Of course, he always got them out but that was beside the point. Things were much easier if you just avoided the small amount of trouble you could avid by simply being careful. However Cameron usually got them into trouble because of his careless mistakes. Melina was the reckless one…though it was hard to believe that. Outwardly, she appeared to be the calmest but she was also the one willing to take risks the most. Of course, together, they got into the worst of scrapes but the others knew that it made a contribution to their success, that and their ability to work together when the need arose. The others often felt pangs of jealousy toward the two but both had an annoying quality that made love them instantly…in fact, that applied to all the members of their team.

Cameron's answer to Josie's question was a mere smile…as if it could solve any problem. That was Cameron's problem…he was so damn swollen with pride! He acted like a simple smile from him would melt the coldest ice. What was worse was that it was truly the case, all Cameron had to do really, was smile or nod and people would fawn over him as if he was some Greek god, stepping down from the heavens. "A smile from you doesn't answer anything!" a frustrated Melina cried, she hated her partner's 'take everything easy' attitude and was one of the few people who didn't openly admire him. People usually said it was due to her 'ice-queen' attitude but her closest friends knew that wasn't true. Cameron too knew that the real reason behind her attitude was that she lacked self-confident.

It had begun to rain and it was coming down hard. Cameron concentrated on the road, but soon it was evident that they would have to sit out the storm. It was a bad start to the mission and Melina felt a chill run down her spine, this wasn't exactly the best way to start a mission and for some reason she had a bad feeling about the whole thing.

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