The MatchMaker

Story By StormDancer


Sometimes the only thing you want is a date. Someone to be with, whether for a single date or an eternity. But the problem always is, there isn't anyone available that's even decent. So what do you do? You wait. You sit down and wait for him or her to show up. That's where I come in. Most people don't even see me. The majority of those who do notice me know me as the face behind the book, or the girl in the corner of the smart classes. My teachers know and worship me as Miss Laycha. The extreme few who are actually my friends know me as Emma. But no one knows the person behind the quiet mask covered by a book. The whisper borne through the corridors by hopefuls and established couples. The murmur that makes that special someone materialize if you just drop your name into locker 420, the third locker from the left in the C wing. The person without a name, known only as… The Matchmaker.

A/N- So, this is jsut a prolouge of a much, much longer story. I'll only put the rest up is people a) review, or b) actually just read this. And i mean a decent number of people. So if you want me to continue, spread the word about this! please?