So, first of all- yes, the story is really over. I may, in the foreseeable but far away future, write a sequel, but that project is pending right now in favor of a few other stories, one of which is new and will be out soon, the other is that i may finally continue Complex Life, because people are beginning to read it now.

Secondly, apparently there is a story very like this on BUddy4u. As in, almost the exact same. I would like to point out that, though i have never read that story, it was published two years later than mine. And while not insinuating anything about that author- well, okay,yes i am- i know that for me, The Matchmaker is totally original, and anyone who thinks otherwise can... well, do something bad. Also, if someone who has found the other story on B4u could message me the link, that would be great, because if i am being plagiarized, i would like to do something to stop it. Because whoever that person is, it isn't me. Thanks in advance.

Thirdly, thanks for sticking with me to the end. Props to all the people who followed it from its conception, and also to those new readers who only picked it up now. Thanks for reading, and i hope you enjoyed The Matchmaker.