The rhythmic beating of the drums was drawing her closer and closer to the unknown. She hesitated, not knowing what this would bring upon her, and wondering if this would put her in mortal danger.

"They will call to you, but you must resist! They want to capture and beat all of the sins out of you, but you shall be saved by the Great One." Those were His words, and she was supposed to follow them to her death, or life, whichever one came first. She sat down with her tender head in her hands. The drums sounded so safe, like her village that she left almost four months ago. The longing to go to it, to go to a place where she felt at home, was overwhelming.

Then His head popped into her mind. He was all she had left to live for, for He would be the one who would help her find her family. Her family. All she could ever think about was them. Her proud mother, second in command of the village, had been the first one to scream when it happened. She was dragged away, bleeding heavily. Her strong father, even he was not strong enough to prevent them from ruining the family. And of course, her twin brother. People said they were connected in a way that would end up saving the entire village. But they were wrong. Now, all alone in an unknown place, she knew that she was the one who had truly destroyed them all. She was taken first, and unable to scream or move at all, she could do nothing to stop the fighting. She was helpless when she should have been the strong one, fighting to the death to save her people. She felt overwhelming grief at the memory of what had happened that night.

A change in the beating drums shook the image out of her mind. This was her last chance. This was when she would either redeem herself or die trying. He had told her she would have to make a rough journey, and this was just the beginning of it. Slowly, she turned away from the sound of the village, and took each painful step back into the dense forest where she slept.