I slept fitfully that night, knowing that I was so close to having my old life back,

but I had to constantly bring back the images of my family. I took a couple deep

breaths, reminding myself that this was all for them, and for the rest of the people who I

grew up around and their families as well. I was to be the next ruler, after my father was

too weak to. We had chosen as a tribe that I would be the first female leader, and so I

was brought up in power, learning from the time that I was one how to lead and be strong

for others. They never asked me what I wanted, and they definitely didn't know the way

I truly felt.

My father has so much passion, and many years ago, when he was first appointed

leader, another tribe visited us, for they were nearby hunting, and wanted to know if we

could use the company. In the woods it gets fairly lonely, so it was an unexpected

surprise. The leader thought that my father was too young and inexperienced, so he

mocked him and the tribe for being weak. My father took it the hardest, but this man

didn't know him at all. He was proud of what he had done and what he planned to do, so

he has held a grudge on that tribe since then, and whenever he sees one, he mocks them

and tries to provoke a war. They are a relatively peaceful tribe, and so were we, but ever

since then, if there is an opportunity to show our power and strength, my father will.

I have never told anybody that I don't want to be leader, I don't want to have to

fix all that my father has done, and I don't want everybody thinking that I am the solution

to their problems. I was forced into this, and even though I know that I am strong in

might and will, I don't want to be in charge. Maybe if it had been an option, but right

now the expectation of the tribe is that I am going to be the best leader we have ever had,

but I want to live a normal life. People come up to me and ask me questions to see if I

am ready, for next year I turn 18, and every year after that I am eligible to take over.

Many have even come up to me in private and ask if I am going to challenge my father

for the position. That is that last thing that I would ever do, and the only person that

knows that is my twin brother, Jonas. He and I were so close, and he was the one that I

was missing the most. Spending all of our time playing together when we were little

transferred to us taking our lessons together, and through all that time together, we never

fought like other siblings did in the tribe. I know everything about him, I know that he is

jealous that I get to be leader, and he knows that I would give it up to him in a flash. He

knows that I don't want to be blamed and expected to fix everything, and he has

supported me so much. I wish that he was with me here, because whenever I was scared

or sad or afraid, he was the one who I could always count on to fix it. When I think about

it, he would be the most amazing leader. But I can't think about that, because I have

much to do before I can feel sorry for myself.

After a very long night of thinking, I woke, had a portion of the berries I had

collected yesterday, and set out. I knew that I had to find the Serche tribe, for they

housed the Seer, who could tell you anything that you needed to know. It was rumored

that she was a god, and that she had sent part of her soul into a young woman who was

destined to be great. In my years of studying I have learned that one must be patient and

keep their eyes open and keen on their goal, so throughout the day I searched relentlessly,

hiking my miles more than we go even on our missions. I had to get there in the next

couple days or it would be too late. At about dinner time, there were footsteps coming,

so I jumped into a bush, and they set up camp right beside me. There was no way that I

could move because they would be alerted to my presence and think that I was a spy. I

stayed awake all night, yet they never all slept. I tried to slowly ease myself into a more

comfortable position, but suddenly the bush cracked, and I was tumbling straight down

the hillside towards their camp!