The day after Mickey refused to answer my calls. Deciding to let him get over his anger at what he thought was my kissing his friend I stopped calling.

Allison called me an hour or so after I decided not to call Mickey.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" she yelled at me. "Do you have any idea what you did to him?"
Her words hurt me, almost more than his not taking my calls. I thought we were friends!

"I didn't do anything!" I defended myself. "This guy tried to kiss me and Mickey walked away before he got the time to see me shove him away and now he won't take my calls."

I was nearly crying by then. Scratch that she hurt me more. Mickey not talking to me was almost more than I could take. We'd been together a year and a half and he just walked away like it meant nothing.

"Oh," was all Allison said before yelling at Mickey to come talk to me.

"Hey," he said.

"I didn't kiss that guy!" I nearly cried in the phone. "He tried to kiss me and you didn't stick around for long enough to see me shove him away. If that's how little you trust me I don't see why you stuck around as long as you did."

I was getting mad now.

"Why didn't you come and demand and explanation and why haven't you answered my calls?" now I was the one demanding an explanation.

"I don't know," he said. "Guess I just didn't want to make a scene and now I wanted to calm down a bit before talking to you."

"Do you have any idea how sad that made me?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said. "As sad as I'd be had the situations been reversed"

Our conversation ended with him asking if I could forgive him for thinking that I had cheated. Of course I could! I loved him!

Some time later the situation was reversed. Just he actually did cheat on me.

Mickey had been to a friend's party and I hadn't been able to come that night. He'd gotten drunk and ended up in bed with this girl. I got to know from the girl he'd slept with.

She called me and told me she hadn't known Mickey had a girlfriend and could I ever forgive her?

I told her it wasn't her fault.

"I got to know about you when he broke down and asked himself what the hell he was doing. At first I though he just didn't like one night stands or something, but soon it was all about 'Can she ever forgive me' and whatnot and I figured out he wasn't single," she told me. "He was really smashed and didn't know what he was doing and he really loves you"

"It wasn't your fault," I told her again. "It was his fault for getting smashed."

I couldn't help the tears welling up in my eyes. At least they didn't start falling 'till I'd ended the call with Lynn as her name turned out to be.

"Hey, 's Mickey home?" I asked his mum who'd taken the call.

"Yes he is dear," she answered. Mickey's mum had always liked me. She called her son over to the phone and I could hear the guilt in his voice when he said hi. I thought I'd see if he was gonna tell me about Lynn himself or if I'd have to ask him about it, so I just asked how the party was.

"Fun 'till I got smashed," he told me. "I did a really, really stupid think and you'll never be able to forgive me and I'll never be able to forgive myself."

I felt so sorry for him then. He sounded so sad! Yes, I'm messed up and I see someone about it weekly. But that's not what this is about.

"What did you do?" I asked him even though I already knew.

"I got so drunk I couldn't think straight and this girl started dancing with me… she looked so much like you and I was so drunk and things went further than I wanted them too," he was crying when he asked me if I ever could forgive him and he loved me so much.

"I might be able to forgive you," I said slowly. "But I think we need a break from each other for a while"

"Are you dumping me?" he asked in his tear filled voice that just made me want to hug him.

"No," I said, fighting my back my own tears. "But I need to think a bit whether I still want to be with you or not. Will you give me that time?"

"Anything," he cried. "I'll do anything, just please don't leave me. I love you so much, and I don't want to be without you!"

I ended the call telling him not to contact me 'till I called him again.

I called Lynn and asked if she could meet me. She was very surprised and said sure.

We met for lunch in the local mall. I wanted to see for myself if she really did look like me or if he was just making it up so I wouldn't dump him. I actually didn't doubt that he was sorry or that he loved me, and I had no intentions on dumping him if she really looked like me. I loved him a lot, and one time I could forgive since he hadn't lied to me. That would've been worse from my point of view than the actual cheating,

I was there a bit early when Lynn came I was really happy. She was looking like me, not so much it was eerie, but still enough that had it been dark and smoky and one was drunk it would've been easy to mistake her for me.

We talked a bit but I can't really remember what we talked about. I was so relieved he hadn't been lying to me.

I did tell her why I wanted to meet her, and she said she understood why. She also told me I was lucky to have Mickey and she hoped he was better in bed when he was sober than when he was drunk.

That actually made me giggle and I assured her that he was.

When I got home I called Mickey's cell. I wasn't sure if he'd be home and wanted to get hold of him now!

"Please don't dump me!" was the first thing he said. No hi or other greeting. I just wanted to kiss him.

"I won't," I assured him. "Had you not told me about Lynn I would've"
"Who's Lynn?" he asked me. I could hear how relived he was that I didn't end things with him.

"The girl from the party," I answered. "I knew about her before you told me"

"How?" he asked very surprised.

"She called me," I explained. "I have to go now, but can we meet up tomorrow?"

"Sure," he said. "Love you!"
"Love you too"


Ended up being two chapters