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The next morning, Ryan Cullman was regarded as a hero of sorts.

He could hear the whispers, starting from Laura Roscoe, a small, red-headed freshman who had a bit of a crush on him, 'Oh my Lord, he's so brave,' to John Sweeney, a junior who took steroids with a particularly dirty mind, 'Wadda'ya think them two did in the witch's place?'

Of course, he didn't say a word, which raised some questions on how anybody actually knew, along with fueling the rumors to higher levels.

By noon, he was ready to jump out of a window, which was unfortunate, considering that the high school was only one story- and jumping out wouldn't do much damage.

Ryan practically ran to Miss Hailey's home. That's who she was in his mind: Miss Hailey. The lady with the amazing story.

Knocking on the door, the woman answered.

Once again, she looked perfect, her dark hair in a messy bun that seemed intended, and clothes with holes that seemed designer.

It was extremely intimidating.

And because of this realization, the boy stuttered when he opened his mouth. "Um, u-uh, I- um, I h-hope th-that it-" Ryan took a deep breath, hoping to calm himself.

Inhale, exhale.

Hailey noticed this, and almost smiled. She waited patiently.

"Um, is it okay- for me to be here?"

The older woman nodded. "Of course, of course, come in."

Looking around, Ryan noticed nothing out of place, but he still felt… unwelcome, as if he was some sort of- intruder to this perfect, non-human lady and her home.

He shook his head angrily. Why was he suddenly like this? He could feel his heart beating quicker than normal, and his breathing was labored.

The woman came back with two cups of tea, and handed him one. The boy couldn't help but to stare at the hand, it seemed non-human, just like the owner.

Ryan blushed and took the china cup. His hand shook.

"Are you okay?" the woman's voice was concerned.

"Um- uh, yeah…" he trailed off for no reason.

"So where were we?" she asked him, looking up. But he couldn't bring himself to look her in the eye. Ryan cursed himself, asking useless rhetorical questions.

"Oh." Something seemed to occur to the woman. "Not you too." She sounded as if in anguish.

While he stared and listened, Ryan found that he was mute, for his throat had suddenly decided to betray him and close itself.

"…but then again, you are a teenage boy with hormones you can't escape…"

Ryan finally found his voice, and in a thin, quiet tone, he asked, "Excuse me?"

The woman chuckled softly, and the boy was mesmerized.

"I was a weapon." Ryan didn't know what was going on, but he nodded eagerly. She continued. "I was a weapon created to use against humans."

The boy nodded again, trying to breathe properly.

"So- Ryan?" she inspected himself for a moment, and he turned a bright red color. The woman nodded to herself, and went on. "So Ryan, what brings in humans?"

Even with his face as an unnatural tint, he answered, "Flamboyance and grandeur."

The woman nodded, smiling at the boy, who turned scarlet one again. "Humans have an amazingly short attention span, which why I was surprised to say the least when you came back this afternoon. Homo Sapiens-" Ryan recognized he scientific term for humans and nodded, "-are like small children throughout their lives. Hand them something new, and they immediately eat it up."

Ryan's mind was racing once again. "So to bring in humans you could destroy- they had you made non-humanly beautiful, like a new toy, to draw in the…" he trailed off here, unsure of the answer.

The woman nodded, smiling again. "Yes, to draw in their enemy, which I would be obligated to destroy."

The boy's eyebrows knit together. "Whose enemy?"

Hailey nodded, and stood up, walking towards the sink. Without turning around, she responded. "The answer is in the story, which is soon to come."

"So that's why I'm blushing a lot? Because…" he turned crimson once again. "… because you're… pretty?"


Turning back around, he saw that she had a bottle in her hand. He could tell from the label that it contained pills.

Ryan suddenly felt scared.

The woman handed the bottle to him. "You can continue blushing and feeling lightheaded, the mad-asses' intention, of course, or you can take these pills," she motioned to the plastic bottle, "which will counteract the hormones that the mad-asses had me release with my…" she seemed to be searching for the word. "…exterior."

"Oh." Ryan was frowning. He wasn't supposed to take things from strangers. His logical voice, though, told him that if the woman wanted to drug him, she would've put it in his tea.

So- closing his eyes and cursing his body- he swallowed the pill.

The woman smiled warmly at him, and after a moment or two, he could breathe properly, and had no urge to blush.


"No problem, no problem. But try not to accept things from strangers so easily next time."

"Oh- right." He mentally whacked himself, but his face stayed its natural color.

Ryan suddenly remembered what he wanted to ask the woman. "So… um, what part were we up to yesterday?" he sucked at being subtle, that both of them were sure at.

"You tell me."

"Um…" he didn't turn scarlet, instead choosing to look down.

"Just ask the real question."

"What's your real whole name?"

She got a faraway look in her eye. "Storm. I was Hailey Storm."

I hated these tests.

I absolutely hated them. Still do, actually.

Today, the mad asses were making me run laps. Twenty-mile laps.

Not exactly my idea of fun, I must admit.

For some reason, though, Chris was watching today.

He didn't have a broom, or mop with him. He just watched as crazy men timed me.

We learned long, long ago that a boy, Chris- namely, cannot stop crazy men.

I saw him out of the corner of my eye, sitting on a wooden crate, watching me with his forehead creased.

After the third lap, I mocked being out of breath, and out of nowhere, an electric shock comes running up my back.

Not a pleasant one, either. It was as if lightning had just decided I was unworthy of living.

I saw Chris jump out of his seat, and walk over to yell at a nearby technician.

Oh shit.

Christopher couldn't get in trouble, if he did…

I took another exaggerated breath before continuing running. I prayed to God- if there was one- silently that my best friend- if only once- would just shut up.

I saw him walk away from the man, and I let out a sigh- at the same time he did.

I could see the guilt so plainly on the boy's face

Shaking off my thoughts, I continued running, though a bit slower.

The mad asses frowned. One seemed close to pressing a button on the monitor. Then, out of the corner of my vision, I saw a man speak, and everyone suddenly dispersed.

I stopped running. They could throw a whole storm at me, but I wanted to know what the hell was happening.

I saw the man turn to Chris, and with a shock, I recognized him. Chris' father.

Or whatever he qualified as.

I saw him murmur something to his son, and a cage suddenly tumbled down, falling around me.

I frowned. How did I not notice that? How did I not notice the cage until the last freaking second?

Sighing, I pushed that thought out of my mind.

Instead, I focused on what was happening. Tests couldn't be over, could they?

It had barely been an hour. What the hell?

It wasn't until I was thrown back into the 'Ongoing Experiments Room' that I realized something.

The last time test's stopped early was because- well never. I'd never known tests to end early. Late, understandable. Early, not so good.

Maybe it was an omen, a sign.

Either way, whatever was coming couldn't be good.

And it wasn't.

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