Shadowed realities


I sit in a darkened room,

Dreaming of you.

Of the day when I shall hear your voice

And see your face.


When skin touches skin,

What will happen then?

Will you fade from this reality?

Will I be consumed from within?


But that day shall not come to pass,

For this time of shadow will not last

The cold light of day begins to show

O'er the sill of my window


As the dawn sun rises,

My hopes for the future flee.

But before the left I saw,

Not just you and me,

But this shadowed world united,

A family, living free.


But what would happen,

Should skin touch skin?

Would you fade from this reality?

Would I be consumed from within?


No, you will not,

For I will not let you,

Not while you're still needed here


No, I shall not.

For you will not let me,

Not while this world still needs me.


To heal our shadowed world

And bring again the dawn of unity

We must stand together,

Skin touching skin,

And heal this shadowed world from within.