The beach was quiet. Nothing broke the stillness of the night. The only sounds heard were the crashing of the waves against the jutting rocks on the shore. The white, soft sand sifted through her toes as she walked bare foot aimlessly. Her long, dark hair shone as the silvery moonlight fell across her face. Her gaze was set on a point far out on the ocean.

He said:

I know we've changed but
Change can be so good
So let's not forget why

It's understood that

Time, look where we are and what we've been through
Time, sharing our dreams
Time, goes on and on everyday, baby
Time is what it is
Come what may (come what may)

She remembered when he had professed his love for her. It had been on a night not unlike this one. It had been beautiful. They were walking along the beach, their feet touching the water when it made its way to shore, caressing them like gentle fingers. The moon stood high above proud and bright, shining its light upon them. They walked in silence. After some time, he spoke with a soft, gentle tone, telling her the sweetest words a girl could ever want to hear.

So here we are (here we are)
And we'll always stay together
And through it all you know we owe it all to you, you, you, you
Time goes on and on

Time, goes on and on everyday,

Time is what it is
Come what may
Come what may

She was dazzled by his beauty, and could not see the lies hidden behind his loving words. She could still remember his promise, how they would always stay together, how nothing could keep them apart. And she could still remember that night, a year ago, much like this one, when her world came tumbling down, dragging her along, and how hard it had been to collect all the pieces and put them back together.

It had been a year since that night, and she was back on her feet again, fighting still the memories that would not leave her alone.

It was too painful for her to stay on this place. It brings back too many memories, some cherished, some not. She was here to let go, so she could move on.

The soothing moonlight shone against her hair as she walked away, leaving her past behind.

She said:

It was all a lie.