Not Good Enough

I'm sorry I'm not good enough,

I'm sorry I can't get the grades,

I'm sorry my exterior isn't that tough,

I'm sorry, but you aren't coming to my aid.


You hypocritcal people,

Will you tell me how well you did?

Will you tell me how high is that steeple,

How high am I in your book and why have I slid?


I'll tell you now,

You say you just care,

That this isn't like me, oh holy cow!

But I'm telling you, it just isn't fair.


Sure, maybe you were the perfect children,

But remember, you didn't go to my school,

I wasn't here then,

And now you just seem cruel.


Would you like me to keep up the family tradition?

I could commit it today,

I could make it my mission,

I've already a way.