The day slowly turns to night,

The white turns to grey,

As the moon rise, sun sets,

A new time of life has begun.

Walk the pavement, cracked with time,

Stained with ancient rain,

The dust caught in the rough surface,

Telling of the past.

Look up at the naked tree,

Feel the wind blow as it remembers the leaves,

Twirling through the evening air,

The bark stripped with time.

Hear the silent electric bells squeal,

Hear the silent laughter and cries,

Echoing in every room,

Fading reflections of memories.

Let the memories play,

Sitting on the steps,

Watching the shadows of memories pass,

Now no longer a part of the past.

Walk through the grounds,

Memory shades pass,

And say a final farewell,

Walking out the gates with a sad smile playing.