6 November 2006
SPED 2100

Interview of Rosena Patterson

Q1: Where did you go to school?

A1: Francis-Marian University (undergrad) and Webster (graduate).

Q2: What type of certification/degrees do you have?

A2: A BA in sociology and MA in counseling. She is currently working on her certification.

Q3: How long have you been teaching Special Ed?

A3: Six years.

Q4: How long with these students?

A4: She started working at Providence High in August of '06, so about half a year.

Q5: What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

A5: Interacting with students and learning from them. She loves teaching and how it feels "when the light bulb comes on."

Q6: What are the least rewarding aspects of your job?

A6: When she doesn't get the support she needs, particularly from the students. She also dislikes working with difficult parents.

Q7: What would you change about education today?

A7: She wouldn't allow students to interfere with the learning of others.

Q8: Would you do it all over again?

A8: Yes; She would have done it earlier.

Q9: Why work at the high school/adolescent level?

A9: The SPED program she had been working with at the middle school level was dissolved. Also, since she had already worked with both middle and elementary levels, she wanted to try something different by changing to high school.

Q10: Do you have more good or bad days?

A10: At Providence, a lot of bad days. However, the few good days far outweigh the bad.