And in the night we'll wish this never ends
We'll wish this never ends
I miss you, I miss you
I miss you, I miss you
Where are you and I'm so sorry
I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight

James gazed out into the inky black sky, soft Mediterranean breezes giving comforting caresses along her skin in the warm evening.

Closing her eyes, she could almost believe nothing was wrong in her life, that she couldn't feel an aching chasm inside of herself, for the loss of everyone dear in her life.

James had finally come to peace with her brother's misgivings, forgiving him for doing what he only thought best for herself. She understood that now, despite disagreeing with his actions, it was love for her that drove him. Her father she too had forgiven, even though he had proven himself to be heartless that last night of his life, James still loved him and missed him greatly.

Her thoughts drifted to Constance… Was she really so different to her? James too had been disgusted at finally knowing what both her father and brother really did for a living; her brother too had killed someone who was dearly loved by her. But in the end she had decided to forgive him, James supposed that was the main difference between Constance and herself; she had the capacity to forgive, whereas Constance had been so eaten up with vengeance the thought of forgiveness had never crossed her mind. James hadn't seen or heard about Constance since that night.

But most of all her heart ached for Cole. Those last moments in seeing him had been the worst in her life.

James's hand drifted over her stomach... Had it really been that long?

He stood in the shadows watching her, longing to let her know he was here.

How long had he waited, to know for definite that he could return to her, to have her?

The pain he felt every night for her lifted as soon as he caught sight of her. James's delicate outline against the soft glow of the outside lights.

Nothing in this world had been more worth it. These two years apart from her had been worth it. Cole knew that he couldn't have come as long as he knew he wasn't the man she deserved.

Soft noises from the corner of the bedroom arrested Cole's attention from James, drawing him over to a crib he hadn't seen due to his mind being solely focused on James. Treading softly across the carpet Cole held his breath and dared to look, and to his surprise a chubby round face with startling black eyes stared back at him. Little fists curled and danced in the air, as if he was waving welcome to Cole.

"He's yours..."

Startled Cole swiftly turned to see James leaning against the doorframe leading to the balcony, with her head slightly cocked to one side watching him, having been so intent on the baby, Cole hadn't heard James move.

Cole turned back to the baby with wonderment, momentarily forgetting James, as a wholly new feeling settled in his chest when he looked at the child.

James couldn't trust her voice to speak further for fear it would crack. When she had heard her baby stir, she had turned to see Cole stood there.

Cole... Cole who she hadn't seen in two years... Cole who she thought was dead...

At first she thought it was her mind playing tricks, but no; the spectre of Cole was real flesh and blood, staring at his child.

James inwardly laughed at herself... How could she ever have believed him dead?

Silent tears fell onto her cheeks.

Cole once again turned to look at James. Both stood drinking in the sight of one another, as if looking for eternity at one another would have never been enough for either of them.

Simultaneously they both moved towards one another, wrapping one another up in their arms, clinging on for life, for their past, for their present and their future. Both James and Cole's hands traversed each other, longing to know one another's bodies once more. James chocked out a sob when she realised he was real and finally with her again.

They stood just holding each other, their senses coming alive at touching one another again; breathing had never felt so easy for Cole now that James was here with him.

Cole slowly drew his hand up to cup James cheek, and drew her back slightly so he could look at her, he could feel her trembling slightly through his palm. James's glossy eyes met his; how could he have never seen her as beautiful as she truly was?


That one throaty name sent them both into a spiralling frenzy of passion as their lips met, the need for each other that had built up for one another over the past couple of years finally was able to burst free.

Soon skin was on skin, pulsating and pleasing both of them. Pupils dilated and moans resounded as pleasure enraptured them both.

"I named him Damyan... for you."

Cole paused slightly, turning to look at James who had awoken and was now sat up in bed watching his interaction with his son. A questioning look upon his face at how she knew, his fingers still gently tracing his son's skin.

"After Sanchez was killed, and the police took the files, due to my father's connections I was able to get a look at the files concerning you, and found out your real name," James got out of bed, going over to a chest of drawers in the corner of the room, withdrawing something out from within its draws, "I found this photograph as well," Holding it out to Cole, it revealed a young woman with jet black hair holding a young child up by him arms, as he learned to walked, both smiling towards the camera.

Cole lost all feeling as he looked upon the photograph, a sense of loss coursed through him.

Gently taking it from James's fingers, Cole placed it back down on the side to pour over later, now was the time for James, his son, and himself.

"Thank you..." He smiled at James, taking in her ruffled look and deciding he liked it very much. Turning back to Damyan a thought made him pause and turn back to look at James, "Is he…" Cole trailed off not knowing quite how to word the question.

James knew exactly what he was trying to ask and closed the difference between them by fitting herself under his arm, whilst gazing down at her son.

"I don't know… The doctors had mentioned that he was uncommonly strong when he had checkups, and when he's playing… I don't know how to explain it… But he's so intelligent, and can say so many words now." Leaning her head against Cole, James could feel his heartbeat speed up.

They were silent for a few moments, both just content to look down at Damyan.

"James…" Cole breathed out.

James withdrew a little so she could look at Cole properly. Smiling slightly he ran his fingers through her hair, then brought his hand back up to cup her cheek. James looked fully into his eyes, to see feeling returning to his endless black eyes.

"I am not… I am not adept at showing my emotions, mostly because I have never had any so strong before, but I want you to know that you are very important to me, and that you and Damyan are all I want."

James smiled, knowing that she was probably never going to hear those three words from Cole, but hearing him say that was enough. Before she had met Cole, James had knew nothing of life, nothing of living, and admittedly the experiences that she had gone through weren't exactly what you would call real life, but Cole had been the means of rescuing her from a life that would have been sheltered, and she had rescued him from a life that would have been a living death.

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