I'm standing alone,
I cannot move,
I watch my life fly past.

Can't cry anymore,
I don't know how long I can last.

Feeding off the feelings of others,
And swallowing their blood;
I don't feed off of criminals,
Even though I know I should.

Whatever you do, stay out of my way.
If you mess with me, I'll make you pay.
Swear me an oath of blood, to keep me immortal and full,
Even though my unlife has become incredibly dull.

Every food has lost its flavor;
Ever whisper of wind is harder to savor.
I'm losing feeling in each finger,
And delicious aromas no longer linger.

All colors fade to black and white,
I only find comfort in the night.
I fear that I am slowly losing my mind,
Because every thought seems harder to find.

Every memory is impossible to recall-
Did I have a past at all?
How am I? Yeah, I'm doing real well.
You might call this 'Earth' but I call it 'Hell'...