Death in the Night

Written by Avangeline

Summary: a woman trapped in the terror of a lifetime. A murderous psychopath with a sharp knife and a grudge. NOT A HAPPY ENDING rated M for a reason. Rape and Graphic Violence.

A young woman was sleeping into the early morning hours in a calm night. She was not a light sleeper but not particularly heavy either. Something woke her on this night. She opened her eyes and tried to discern what had woken her. She was just about to write it off as the wind and go back to sleep when she heard it. A very soft shuffling sound like someone walking trying to make the least noise possible.

And whoever was walking was in her house! She moved slowly retrieving the baseball bat she kept under the bed. She was a strong woman and figured it was just some young teen looking for a rush. She walked carefully down the hall bat held at the ready.

Suddenly she was grabbed from behind warm breath cascading down her neck. A heavily scarred and calloused hand held her mouth preventing any sound. The bat dropped uselessly to the floor. The man touched a cool metal blade against the pale flesh of her neck. She knew in that instant that life would be torn from her body in a matter of time.

The man as if sensing her fears tightened his grip around her and drug her back to her bedroom. She struggled as hard as she could kicking and moving but it was no use he dominated her in both size and strength. Soon she was strapped spread eagled on to the bed. The cloth binding her was her very own sheets cut into ribbons by the man's knife.

He placed a waded up ball of cloth into her mouth and put duct tape over top. He had come prepared for this job. She couldn't scream and couldn't breath threw her mouth. She gave up the struggle then the only sign of her ongoing terror was the crystalline tears that cascaded down her checks.

The man grinned maniacally showing a mouth filled with crooked yellow teeth, he ran his knife down her side cutting the thin cotton night gown and removing it from her. There he paused just to look at her. He saw the line of crimson blood welling up from the sharp point of the knife. Goose flesh had risen on her as the pain wracked her sensitive skin.

Then making sure he was in her direct line of vision he slowly undid the zipper of his pants. Her eyes widened as she realized what was about to happen. Before she could think about screaming despite the gag he forced himself into her.

She cried even harder as the pain coursed threw her and she heard him grunting and groaning on top of her. Rich blood spilled on to the barren mattress a testament to the girl's stolen virginity.

Finally after what seemed like hours to the girl but in reality was no more then 15 minutes he finished this heinous deed. He quickly got himself back into order and picked up his knife. When the girl saw the glint of steel in his hands she knew this nightmare was not over yet.

He came back over to her and absently observed his past work. The cut down her side was already starting to heal but he could see the bruising and blood running from her neither regions. He smiled at the carnage he enjoyed the blood, pain, and terror. He was the epitome of a psychopath. The world had destroyed him, so he was determined to make the world pay him back. One young woman at a time and this one would be no different.

She had watched him the whole time he had been observing her, and when he took in the frightened look in the doe brown eyes his anger came back. He decided to play with this one usually he just debased them then killed them by slitting their throats. This one by daring to look at him like some animal being hunted would receive more torture. His thirst to see her bleeding and fighting against him overcame him.

She noticed the change in his demeanor, the expectant smile the glinting eyes and the already crimson stained knife. With everything going on she passed out and unfortunately the darkness of unconsciousness was small mercy. He started at her feet and worked up. He cut small slits into her skin none longer then two inches but they were all quite deep. Not one inch of flesh was left unscathed. He just kept slicing and hacking, and she just kept bleeding. Blood was now soaking everything around them.

The man just kept his steady assent going. Soon enough the pain woke the girl up. She began to fight again. Every time the knife sunk into her flesh she struggled against her bonds, seeking release. He just laughed at her struggles and continued his butchery. He paid particular attention to the area between her legs. He moved up to her torso adopting a slightly different tactic. He sliced quickly across her stomach deeply burying the blade. When she reflexively arched up off the bed to fight the pain and bonds he would slash at her back. By now the mattress was completely saturated with blood. He was splattered with it and she was coated with her own sickly sticky blood.

All that blood starting to congeal made the bed and the people on it grow sticky. She had lost so much blood her head swam and she fought to keep breathing. She knew she was going to die but she was a fighter and would not give in easily.

He had now reached her chest. He took great glee in going agonizingly slow across her breasts. Not a single piece of her chest was unmarred. He glorified in her writhing he was absolutely enraptured with her rich blood. He bathed his hands in it, and drank it in like a vampire. He loved the taste, the color, the texture, and the smell of blood. He was utterly and completely insane. A corruption of the human mind created this thing who kept this young woman in mindless pain.

She was now so far gone she was weaving in and out of consciousness. She had lost so much blood but was in so much pain she couldn't just fall into the blankness of eternity. He saw the fight leaving her and knew his fun was almost over. He had enough time for one last horrendous act. He adjusted the knife in his hand the hilt was in his palm with the point facing down. With all his strength he drove the knife deep into her repeatedly. Blood fountained out of the wounds in great gushing geysers of crimson. Her dying screams were not heard as the sounds were strangled by the cloth and tape placed over her mouth. Finally her eyes grew heavy, her pulse became unsteady, and all breathing ceased. Finally she was gone the pain of her mortal body put behind her.

The bastard who murdered her wasn't done yet his goal was to ruin as many lives as possible and there was still yet more lives to ruin. He untied her dead body, disposing of the soiled strips of cloth into the waste basket. He peeled the tape and cloth off her mouth. He made sure her eyes were closed. He pulled a clean duvet over her body that he had found in the linen closet.

He carefully positioned the corpse so it appeared she was asleep. He cleaned up all evidence of his visit except for the blood congealing on the mattress. He calmly left the house pulling his clean coat over his bloodied clothes. He disappeared into the night only spotted by his victims never caught and never stopped.

The girl's body was now cooling off steadily as the dawn slowly came across the horizon. Her body stiffening with rigor mortise, the smell of death permeating the room. Her lips turned blue and her skin slack death was beautiful on this woman. Her life had been ripped from her but she was truly a beauty in death.

The next morning the woman was found by her sister who had come to check on her. Her sister had never missed a day of work or school in her life for no good reason. She was worried and the relief spread eagerly across her face when at first sight her sister appeared to have just overslept. Going over to tenderly shake her awake she finally saw what had truly happened. Dread filling her she carefully lifted the blankets off of her sister. What she saw would destroy her mind the sight of her sister's gruesomely desecrated body drove her to madness. She lived the rest of her days a raving lunatic the macabre scene burned into her eyes.

The End

A/N You can probably tell this story was produced in a fit of anger and depression. I did warn you in the beginning it didn't have a happy ending. I hope no one is too troubled by this, but it was either write this out or do something I would regret so I chose to write it.