The clanging of tiny pieces of metal
Little chimes ensuring a future
A life-long child-like amusement
With a simple set of keys

A feeling of security
In knowing that one day you just might
Come across the portal
That is sealed and waiting for your entrance

So I carried around this set of keys
Never parting with them for too long
Fearful of the notion that I should be caught
Without my pass, my ticket through the door

And the key holders rejoiced
Confident as well in their keys
Their admittance guaranteed
So long as they retained their keys

And in my curiosity
I sought to learn about the keys
The stories of past key holders
And their trials possessing the keys

My studies prompted questions
Questions demanding answers
Answers not among the key holders
The keys were their only answer

Could the keys be man-made?
Could the manual be wrong?
Could there actually not be a gate?
Simple questions to start the quest

As the questions pressed at my mind
The keys seemed to grow larger
The burden of carrying them increasing
For a purpose still unknown

But I carried them still
Partially unwilling to give them up
Partially afraid of the key holders
And their judgment for giving up the keys

Further and further I dove
Into the meaning of the keys
Increasingly dissatisfied with the results
And seeing the keys do more harm than good

I finally set them down
Free from the burden they caused
Able to think beyond where I may go
And focus instead on where I am going

I never announced my decision
At least not to the most judgmental
Their keys were their beginning and end
What fool would give up their keys?

Despite my new freedom
I sometimes feel cold
I miss the security of the tiny metal
The charming clanging of my keys

But that seems to be all they did
Weigh down the person and make noise
Useless until a prophesied day
That they would be needed to unlock the gate

My fear is no longer of that day
Nor the silence that replaces the clanging
My fear is of the look on your face
Should I ever tell you I lost my keys?