Rigor regrets

November 11, 2006

Haunted by my memories,

lingering imprints of your fingers

against my face,

first a slide down toward my chin

quickly followed

by lips on mine

Teased by happiness,

I would have loved you back,

drank your offered cup

and never woken again

Hung over on yourself

and tormented

your hand against my face

again, harder

lingering stinging

but you kissed away my tears.

A nighttime battle

across an ageless sky

wages in your eyes, but still

you say nothing,

the clouds of memories

against blue irises

my only acknowledgement.

Arms around me,

my shoulders ached for

your warmth,

embraced against the wall,

trapped by your body,

questions dripped down

toward my ear as

whispers of vanilla

Sweet and empty kisses

resolving your decision

Fragile skin tears easily

silver flashing left and right

dark chocolate pouring from within

Sticking to my hands,

imminent reminders

of my antithesis, lying

dormant in your eyes:

cold like arctic oceans,

haunting me down

into the darkness beneath

yet still holding

my hand,

your breath,

finally you offer me

another sip

chance to drink

I sink into the cold

blue waters of your face and


I will never wake again