"Here you are little girl. A special lollipop for a very special little girl."

The little girl looked no older than eight; given the way children's bodies aged nowadays however, she may have been as young as six. Not that it mattered to the man. Age was irrelevant to him; the younger that she looked, the tighter the front of his pants became. It was a shame that some careless parent would leave such a pretty looking girl as her out to play by herself. Did parents not watch the news or read newspapers anymore? If this little girl was his daughter he would never allow her to leave the house. Sometimes even playing out in their front yard was too much of a risk.

He petted her golden curls, watching from the corner of his eyes as she licked and sucked on the lollipop he had brought for her. It was one of those old fashioned kinds that could not be brought from any place but the candy shop two blocks down from the public park. The man was a regular there, and he was best friends with the owner of the place, a young woman, whose entire world revolved around the smiling face of the children that came into her shop. Lately, the news of a child predator on the loose had depressed her to the point where she had contemplated closing down the candy shop.

Of course, he would never allow her to do something like that. The candy shop was her greatest accomplishment in life; besides, where else could he go when he was craving old fashioned sweets? It really was a shame that children could no longer safely walk there from the playground, but that was the way of the world nowadays.

"Do you like it?" the man asked, forcing his hand back onto the steering wheel.

"Yes. Thank you" the little girl said with a cherub-like smile on her face as she licked her lips.

The man swallowed hard, trying to drive the image of those rosy-pink lips from his mind. If he kissed her he knew she would taste like candy.

"You're very welcome" the man said as he turned the corner.

His apartment was not too far away. It was just three blocks down and then another right. Would the little girl become alarmed? She seemed like a well mannered child so he was sure she would not cause too much of a commotion. It did sadden him a little. What if the girl was too well mannered? She was such a pretty child; what if this was not her first time? Those pretty blond curls looked so golden that he found it hard to believe that he was not the only person to notice her. Surely a teacher or family friend had noticed how she batted her eyelashes when speaking. Or how she licked her lips.

The man swallowed hard again, nearly missing his turn. He silently chastised himself for thinking these thoughts. The little girl sitting next to him was an angel. His angel. Of course she was still pure and innocent. He could tell from the way she kept her legs pressed tightly together. She was not a fast or loose child; although the pleated skirt that she wore was questionable. Then again, it was probably not her fault. Parents dressed their children in such immoral ways nowadays. During his younger years, no girl child would have ever been seen wearing such clothing. Even his own sister had been beaten once for wearing a skirt that did not fall past her knees.

Pulling into the parking lot of his apartment building, the man parked the car, before turning to look at the little girl. The lollipop was clasped tightly in one of her hands, while the other held the seatbelt to keep it pulled away from her small, fragile body. The sight brought a smile to the man's face and he rested one of his heavy hands onto the girl's small shoulder.

"Would you like to come upstairs? I have more candy" the man said, brushing his thumb over the bare skin of her shoulder that was exposed.

His perfect little angel turned her head to look up at him and smiled. "Really? I can have all the candy I want?" the little girl asked, in that innocent way that only pretty little girls could.

The man smiled back and nodded, ignoring the stirring in his loins. He was hard and ready, but with a child like this, he would have to take his time. She was not like those slutty girls that he usually picked up from the malls; the ones who toyed with men for simply material things. This was pure innocence sitting in the passenger seat of his car.

"Of course. Something as sweet as you deserves nothing but the sweetest of things" the man said, petting the girl's pretty blonde head.

It was a corny line, but the little girl smiled happily nonetheless. He could see that she was not ungrateful or stuck up, like all the other women he had met in his life. She reminded him of his little sister Jessica. Even though she was now reaching that adult age of fourteen, his sister remained innocent and pure just like this little girl. It was amazing how similar the two looked. The only real difference was that his sister's hair was not as golden as this child's was.

Unbuckling the little girl's seatbelt for him, the man unlocked the door locks, before unbuckling his own seatbelt and getting out of the car. Once outside the car, he walked over to the other side and took the little girl's hand. Her skin was as soft as he imagined it would be. If he picked her up and smelled her he knew he would smell the sweet smell of baby powder.

Maybe after this, he would keep her. It was obvious that her own parents were incompetent people who did not love their daughter. If they did love their daughter, why would they allow her to wander the park by herself? Why would they allow her to wear a skirt that barely passed her thighs? The first thing that he would do for her would be buying her a pretty sundress and proper shoes.

"We're going to have so much fun" the man said, as he led the little girl up the stairs to his apartment.


The ear-shattering wail coming from the girl's tiny body was not a wail of pain. Instead, it was a wail of anguish; the anguish of thousands of children before her that had experienced the pain she experienced now. Her little body shuddered as her innocence was stolen from her, the blood running down her pale thighs physical evidence of the crime that had just occurred.

"Shh. Please quiet down!" the man said in a panicked whisper.

He was no longer concerned for his precious angel's well-being. All that mattered to him was that the walls of the apartment were paper thin and that the child's cries could be heard from next door if someone was at home. The people of this building knew that he did not have children. What would happen if someone called the police or came knocking at the door? How would he explain the little girl being here? How would he explain the blood? How would he explain any of this?

"Shut your mouth!" the man growled, slapping the girl hard across her face. There had to be some way to shut her up.

Grabbing one of the pillows, he held it over the face of his precious angel, using his strength to keep it in place even as she struggled. The child was no longer an angel in his eyes. She was no better than those women who enticed men only to cry foul afterwards. The little girl was trying to destroy him. She was no better than his sister Jessica, who had enticed him as well, only to cry foul once their parents discovered them.

"You stupid fucking cunt! Shut up!" he snarled, pressing the pillow harder over her face.

When the girl became silent and her body lay limply on the bed, the man removed the pillow and tossed it aside. It was truly a shame. He had never meant to harm the girl. All he wanted to do was love her and have her love him back, but that was not to be.

He used the girl's skirt to wipe the blood from his limp penis and thighs. It confused him. Why would the girl give him her innocence only to turn on him like that? The man knew that he was not perfect, or the most handsome of men, but just why was it impossible for a woman to love him? Was it because he was too kind to them? If he treated them badly like, his sister's boyfriend now treated her, would he be able to keep a woman?

His eyes filled with tears as he looked at the dead girl laying on his bed. Why would she do something like that to him? She was supposed to be his angel. The sadness soon became, anger as he picked the girl's soiled underwear up from the floor. It was not fair to him. Why would she do this to him?


The man's blood froze in his vein as he heard the single spoken word. Before him on the bed the girl sat up, her wide blue eyes brimming with tears as she looked at him.

"Why would you hurt me?"

The man opened his mouth to speak but the words refused to come. This was impossible! It had to be impossible. There was no way the child could still be alive, unless, she had been pretending.

"Why would you hurt me?" the girl repeated, her eyes filled with sorrow as she stared down at the blood on her thighs.

"I... I never hurt you!" the man yelled back, a cold sweat breaking out on his brow.

His heart beat rapidly in his chest as the blood roared in his ears. What was that sound? Crying? Thousands of children crying and screaming. Their anguished wails entered his head and forced him down to his knees. The soiled underwear in his hand dropped to the floor as he lost feeling in that arm.

"How could you hurt my precious?" a soft, masculine voice asked from behind him.

Whirling around, the man's eyes widened at the person standing behind him. His vision dimmed, making it hard to see their face. Was it a man? Was it a woman? When the man stumbled forward he found himself thrown back onto the bed and held down by invisible hands.

"How could you hurt her? How could you?" the voice asked once again.

The man's precious little angel now stood at the foot of his bed. She was no longer dressed in the clothes he remembered her wearing. Now she wore a beautiful dress of lace and satin. Her pretty blonde hair was done up with silk ribbons and was as golden as gold. Her pretty pink lips were formed in a thin line as she stared down at him, before turning to walk towards the shadowed figure.

"I hurt," he heard the little girl say, as she buried her face against the stomach of the person.

"No," the man mumbled, still unable to believe what he saw.

"You hurt her" the person said, their arms wrapping around the girl's shaking shoulders.

"Jessica wait!" the man cried out, his mind mixing up the child before him and his beloved sister. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

The girl stepped away from the comforting arms of the person before her. Her tears were wiped away by the lace gloves she wore; a small smile on her face as she turned to face the man pinned down to the bed.

"No. No you are not" the little girl said, before giggling softly. She turned around again, and this time when she turned back around to face him, she held a small brown teddy bear in her arms.

"But you will be" she said, as she drew a large kitchen knife from the back of the teddy bear.

Author's Note: This is my first attempt at a mystery and horror story. Hopefully I manage to pull it off well. Please read and review my story. Constructive criticism is more than welcome, and extremely wanted.