Love (formerly Teenage Lover)

This is a fictional story.

It was an interesting day. I've never felt so strange after the first day of school before. Sitting down in class, my attention was quickly diverted by a girl sitting just to the front of me. She caught my eye then walked away. It wasn't anything special, although my stomach started to ache and I'm not quite sure why. Still, I'm only 13. It's just a feeling I've never felt before.

It's a couple of weeks into the term. I'm starting to enjoy these classes now. Even though I don't know her name I feel I've known her for a long time. For some reason, I'm taking every opportunity to look at her, perhaps hoping she will look back. Before this year, I'd never seen her before but now I'm seeing her everyday. It's all very strange but maybe we might just fall in love with each other. I think she wants it.

I finally know her name. At least now we can communicate by name. We haven't yet but I'm making plans. It's not stupid; I just don't want to mess things up. It's worth a shot right? I still think she likes me back; why else would our stare meet each other so much? Why else would she be in the same place as me a lot of the time? Still, I'm not complaining, she is awfully pretty after all. I'm not comfortable about telling my friends about it since they'll probably laugh and say it's hopeless. It's not though.

I have encountered a small setback. I can't talk to her! The word "hello" came out as "heck-ho". She just replied "Ummm…hi" and walked off looking confused. Maybe she wasn't expecting me to make the first move. On another note, she wore her hair down which is something I've never seen before. She still looked equally as beautiful.

I savour these classes. I've made a mental conclusion that she is the prettiest in the school. I've never spent this much time going after someone (I usually have better things to do.) Any chance to talk to her is a golden moment, no matter how brief. She sat in front of me and stretched her legs out – I couldn't do anything but look. I've managed to tell my best friend about it on the Internet:

Friend: Hi

Me: I'm in love!

Friend: With who?

Me: She sits next to you.

Friend: Oh yeah her. She's nice.

Me: I know.

Friend: See you later.

Me: Bye.

We've never had a conversation that brief before. I don't think he understands my lust.

My "friend" has told a few people about it. I'm not sure she knows yet but she could. God, I hope she doesn't! I have such ideas; love poetry, guitar playing etc. She's so special to me; the first girl to make me come.

She knows. What's worse is she's told people she's not interested. I'd like the other part of my heart back please. She just doesn't know me yet. We'll be having passionate kisses by the end of the school year. (I've dreamt about those times, they were nice.)

People are telling me I stand no chance. Bah, nuts to them! My friends are complaining about the amount of time I spend talking about her. They're just blind to it all. They can't see that she's the princess of prettiness.

The situation is bringing me down. I cried for hours last night. I've tried to see her but it's hopeless. But I cannot give up. I must have her. She made me. My friends said they were worried when I said I was going to murder everyone in my way. I didn't mean it literally. When she walks past I whisper "God, I love you so much." And try to sniff her hair in all its glory. She's the only person I'd kill for. She'd enjoy that.

I dream of killing anyone who might stop me now. She's broken my heart enough times.

I finally did it! I'm with her right now, in my bedroom. She'll have to leave when my parents get home. I definitely don't want them to see this. I've already kissed her uncountable times. She personally doesn't think of any of it. Ha! Why would she if she's dead?

© 2006