People say your different

People say you're strange

When will they just realize than I'm not gonna change

I know who I am

And I'll stand up for me

As for all of you

Just let your spirit free

What's the worst that can happen?

People will look or point?

That's what you want isn't it?

All the attention, life in the spotlight

I am not different

I feel pain, love, and fright

You can call me all those names

And I won't care

You'll look, you point and I know you stare

I know you will

I've seen it all before

You put some others through terror

I have a few words for you

Go look in the mirror

Your no different from me

Our hearts beat the same

To some you'll be beautiful

To others you'll be lame

But you don't know what it's like

To always be judged the same

An outcast, a loser , a goth , or a freak

Were not different

We are just unique

So next time you judge

Think of how much you like to be loved

And try to say a nasty word

Go on , just make my day

It's harder now, isn't it?

Now that you see my side

Maybe this poem doesn't move you

Maybe you to stuck up in your pride

But you know it doesn't faze me

I am happy with who I am

For all you know I could be nice, happy and unique

But you'll never know, if you keep calling me

A freak