I am the inhuman.

I express emotions I do not have.

I have emotions I do not express.

I wish to be true, but I cannot be.

If I display positivity, I am damned.

If I display negativity, I am damned.

I must shed my tears in private,

Or I will be damned.

There is no such thing as positivity,

There is no such thing as negativity,

This is what I have been told.

If they rear their ugly heads I should shoo them

For they are not welcome here.

This is what I have been told.

I should embrace them wholly.

This is what I have been told.

There are those who suffer,

There are those who rejoice,

I am no different.

I should not act different.

I should not stoop to their level,

To the charlatans the world is consumed by.

Nobody suffers.

Nobody rejoices.

It is useless.

Sitting here,

Choking on the tears I dare not shed.

Everything I have done,

Reaching for something genuine,

Is a whining call for unneeded help.

I don't need help.

It is useless.

What good is the inhuman?

They are unreal

Attempting to be real.

What will the inhuman do?

Take its leave?


It will not stoop to the charlatans' level.

That is what the inhuman has been told.

It must obey what it has been told.