By xInSaNexBlOoDyxPrInCeSs

Some people can just forget

With a simple snap of their fingers

They can just move on

Like nothing ever happened

But I'm not like that, you see

I'm not a battery-powered thing

I have a heart beating inside me

Which makes me a slowpoke

He isn't like that

He forgot within a week

Within a week he was with her

With a smile, he began anew

Am I the only one like that?

Am I the only slowpoke?

I still haven't forgotten him

Someone else is like that, right?

But when I see the light

In another boy's eyes

Smiling and laughing with me

I feel myself brightening, a little

And I reach out to him

I hold his warm hands

And I press against him close

And I tell him…

Could you please wait for me?

Wait until I'm strong?

Because I can't forget, yet

I'm just a little slowpoke

Inspired by a Korean song by SG Wannabe.