I smile,

to fight the tears.

To hide the hate

That's built over the years.

I smile,

To hide the frown.

To fight the disappointment

Every time I'm let down.

I smile,

To create a falsity.

To hide all the truth

That churns inside of me.

I smile,

With these pearly whites,

To show that I can be okay

When I'm not quite...

And when the smile,


I cannot hide

The pain that adheres.

The aching inside,

All the mistrust,

The smile cannot disillusion

All the disgust.

Disgust in myself

For being who I am...

The woman behind the smile,

and the whore behind the man.

A whore for his love

And his attention,

The woman inside me,

The woman in question.

I am who I am,

And a smile cannot imply:

The reason that it appears

Is to hide what's inside.