Forever in Cold Hell.

It was black, pitch black. But then again, it's always dark in the ice caves. It's so cold up here that the wind freezes as you feel it touch your face. But the darkness is impersonal and let's you have your dreams.

In my mind's eye I see you. I've been gone for so long that I wonder if you still remember me. Or the day that I left you.

The song by Savage Garden floats through my mind. It was your favourite. The first two lines of the chorus echo in my ears, haunting me.

"Just a twist in time,

And you could be mine"

How appropriate, I thought. Because just one twist in time and we would both still be alive and happy. You're probably still happy but neither of us is alive.

I remember our first kiss. We were standing in the park as the rain poured down around us, but we didn't care. We were together.

But now you're in Heaven and I'm in Hell, forever yearning, forever apart. We used to joke about death and how we'd die together, be together forever in eternity.

We were right about the fist part.

When I saw the truck coming for us, all I was thinking about was how we hadn't fed the dog. Really romantic, I know. I wonder what you were thinking.

My past caught up with me at the worst possible time. I never told you, my father used to beat me, nice dad, huh? One day he went too far and tried to rape my little sister. I killed him with a carving knife. No matter the reason, murder is murder. So now I'm in Hell, funny, I always thought it'd be really hot. But it's not. It's colder then the deepest despair you could ever imagine. But in my dreams I have you. So I can bear it. Just.

The frozen winds brush by my face. I send my wish on with them. Wishing you could have this letter. Wishing I could be with you, forever.

Yours forever in cold Hell.