What about love?

Heaven sent, I've seen you fall
I might've caught you,
But you weren't there at all.

Only in dreams I deem,
That we are happy
Yet they are not always what they seem.

Summers fly and summers go,
I guess I was wrong,
To believe that we were to be so

Flowers lost their color,
So has my desire to live,
Everything's lost except tomorrow,

But I've got nothing left to give.
All what's left is silence,
Dauntless! in this pensive reprieve.

Do you remember the first time we met?
It was as if I were in paradise.
'Tis but a moment I shall never forget!

What about our promise from above?
Our laughter, tears and memories?
Of wedding bells and white doves?

Are you the prayer I cannot have?
Would you tell me,
What about love?