Elephants and donkeys… what's the real difference? You're all clowns to me.
It's time for you to wash off the face-paint and put down your idea-deflecting shield.
Stop discarding a viewpoint simply because it's blue. And just because a red says it does not mean it has no value or is untrue.
All ideas are valid, and whether you want to admit it or not, you are not superior and your opposition is not inferior.
Stop looking down on liberals because their priorities and morals are placed differently than yours. And conservatism does not equal stupidity.
Stop being condescending, stop insulting each others' intelligence, stop making false assumptions, stop glaring in disgust.
We're approaching the point of no return—a never-ending war.
Democrat v. Republican. Blue v. Red. Conservative v. Liberal.
Negotiation and cooperation are almost unheard of because you're all too wrapped up in your own opinions to so much as acknowledge the other side, except to say that they're wrong and corrupt.
Soon, liberal and conservative will become additions eight and nine to the list of words that are unacceptable on public programming. Stop the negative connoting.
None of you are doing your party justice. Slander, baseless criticism, and incessant self-promotion are not getting you anywhere. Is it any wonder cynicism in politics in America is growing? Of course not. You are digging your own graves. Laminating yourselves with an image of lies and brutality. Ever heard of compromise?
So, for all of you staunch dems and reps out there. I'd like to introduce a word to you. It's a rather nice concept, too. It goes by the name of Tolerance and it is almost impossible to encounter.