Ok, this is going to be really emotional. So here it is people. The last and final chapter of Justified Homicide

Justified Homicide

Aryan pulled off her hoodie - it was destroyed anyway - and placed it where Samantha always put her jackets. She walked dejectedly to the kitchen and sunk into a seat. Like the last time she tossed her necklace away her neck felt bare, exposed, and acquired. The last time was the day after Cassie's death, and Aryan was completely out of her mind and wasn't thinking straight.

"I heard raised voices,' Miss Rinkle said from the stove, "what was it about?"

Aryan considered telling her, and then banished the evil thought from her head, "It was nothing, just a little disagreement."

"A really loud disagreement," Samantha piped up.

"No one asked for you opinion," Aryan sneered.

"Well you don't have to be rude about it," Samantha snapped back.

"Girls," Miss Rinkle warned, Aryan rolled her eyes but said nothing. There was silence as Miss Rinkle finished making supper and set the plates out. Finally, after there was macaroni, chicken and corn on everyone's plate, did someone say anything.

"Can I please sign your cast Aryan?" Samantha begged.

Aryan sighed, "No!"

"But why not?" Samantha wiled.

"Because I have never let anyone sign any cast of mine before, and I'm not going to start now," Aryan growled almost under her breath.

"Why Aryan, you don't seam as snappy as you usually are tonight," Miss Rinkle commented. Aryan shrugged and started pushing the macaroni around her plate with her fork occasionally taking a bite, but very small ones. "Eat up Aryan,' Miss Rinkle insisted. Aryan looked at her, took a bite and looked back down.

"You don't look to happy Aryan," Samantha commented, Aryan looked at her briefly, "how come?"

Aryan shrugged, "Thinking."

"Well what can you be thinking about that can put you in such a foul, foul mood?" Miss Rinkle asked, sounding concerned.

"People," Aryan mumbled, "stuff." Miss Rinkle gave her a concerned look, 'I don't really want to talk about it."

"But why not?" Samantha asked, "Before she died, my momma always said that the best way to get over something or through it is to talk about it."

"Yeah well," Aryan retaliated, "if I told you about it, I'd either have to kill you, or force someone to put you in an insane asylum because you will think you've gone crazy." Aryan paused, "Then again, it's not that much of a stretch."

"Hey!" Samantha said indignantly. Aryan smirked.

"Now Aryan," Miss Rinkle tried to soothe, "be nice. Samantha was just trying to help."

"I don't need her help," Aryan spat.

"Whether you do or not, you still should be nice to her," Miss Rinkle advised.

"I don't mind Miss Rinkle," Samantha piped up, "I've gotten used to this."

"I'm not hungry," Aryan said looking up suddenly, "I'm going to my room."

"Well, alright," Miss Rinkle said hesitantly, "you can heat it up later if you're still hungry."

"Yep," Aryan said as she exited the room, her choice running through her head. What would Cassie say? She'd probably – no, she would - join Aryan. They never really liked Smith.

Aryan quietly closed her door and sunk onto her bed. The bright pink was mocking her and her mood. She took a fluffy pillow and tossed it across the room. It hit some books on the dresser and they fell loudly to the floor. She looked around again and spotted a corner of the diary. She pulled it out and opened it to a random page.


I hate you! I really, really hate you! You can die and burn for all I care. You're vile and evil and no better then vampires! Don't bother coming back in a week, I'm not going back to the Academy. And you have no right to bring me there.

So go boil your head and hang yourself.

She smiled after she had written that. For the fun of it she ripped out the pages. It took a little work, as there were wires in it. She tore the pages until they were only little shreds and wires. She dumped into the small delicate pink trash can that was by the bathroom door.

Aryan changed into her pajamas and climbed into bed. The adrenaline from the fight had worn off, and then got re-spiked during the spat with Smith. That too had worn off and she was suddenly tired. It didn't take her long to get to sleep.

Aryan was woken in the morning by hearing her door open and some airy giggles. She opened one eyes to see Samantha tiptoeing to her with a pen in her hand. Her hand, with the pen, moved toward Aryan's casted arm.

"What are you doing Samantha?" Aryan asked calmly. Samantha jumped, screamed, and dropped her pen.

"Oh! You scared me!" Samantha said, "I was just coming to wake you."

"Sure," Aryan said sitting up, "Along with signing the cast." Samantha blushed, "Have you ever tried to not be annoying?"

"I'm not annoying!" Samantha protested.

"Whatever," Aryan said, "out!" She stood up and pushed past Samantha. Samantha scrambled for the door. Today was going to be a long day. She grabbed some black capris, a black t-shirt, and her extra black hoodie. She quickly changed and brushed her hair, leaving half of it in her face.

"Aryan!" Miss Rinkle gasped when she entered the kitchen, "You have no colour." Aryan raised her hand to show her cast, the sleeve of her hoodie bunched up behind it. "That's not colour."

"Today is not a day for colour," Aryan said sinking into a seat and taking a peace of toast. "It's the tenth."

"What does the day have to do with what colour you wear?" Miss Rinkle asked as Samantha came bouncing into the room, wearing a light pink dress and dark purple apron.

"Everything," Aryan said, finishing off the toast as Samantha started on hers. Samantha started to chatter brightly as she ate. After she was finally done and ready to go Aryan got out the door before Samantha even had her delicate shoes on.

"Why do you walk so fast?" Samantha complained after they were half way to school.

"You just walk too slowly," Aryan countered. Samantha protested that and spent the rest of the way to school trying to get Aryan, who had tuned her out, to see it that way. Once in the school yard Aryan ditched her and headed to the warmth of the school.

"Hey Aryan!" a voice called, so she looked behind her to see Sarah running up.

"Hey," Aryan said as Sarah caught up.

"Hey," Sarah said once more. "What happened to your arm?"

"Broke it," Aryan shrugged opening her locker and shoving her bag in it, getting her English books out.

"How?" Sarah asked. Aryan sighed and told her the trying-to-help-a-person-having-a-seizure story.

"Hey girls," John said, "Wow! What happened to your arm?" And again Aryan told the story.

"Forgive me," Sarah said, "but you don't strike me as the 'good Samaritan' type."

"And?" Aryan asked pulling her sleeve down over her cast.

"Aryan!" Sarah whispered in Aryan's ear, "Hottie directly behind us." Aryan looked behind her to see Jacob and his little group of followers behind them.

"I just see a moron and his groupies," Aryan responded.

Before Sarah or John could say anything, Jacob was behind them, and his followers behind them farther still. "Why hello Aryan, Sarah," she blushed and giggled, "John." He spat out the last name.

"And to what do we owe this pleasure?" Aryan asked sarcastically, glaring at him.

"Just wanted to see how you're doing," he said and Aryan's face darkened, "You're doing better then I expected actually. No tears, no harshness. See I told you it was worthless." Aryan slapped him. He smiled, "I knew that side of you would soon show through."

"Aryan, what's he talking about?" Sarah asked.

"Nothing you need to worry your pretty little head about," Jacob said patting her on the head. "See you all later. Don't give into your grief Aryan."

"You better not either, jerk!" Aryan yelled after him.

"What did he do to you?" John asked.

"He didn't do anything," Aryan mumbled, "besides exist. His brother did something idiotic. Well, more criminal then idiotic."

"Is that why you hate him? Because of his brother?" Sarah asked.

"No," Aryan laughed, "I hate Jacob 'cause he's Jacob. I hated his brother because he was Richard." She resisted putting 'I think' in at the end of that.

The bell rang just after that and Aryan walked through the mess of people scrambling in different directions to the most boring class ever. She slide quickly into her seat and kept her left arm under her desk. Unfortunately, the teacher saw it.

"Oh, my, gosh!" she gushed, "Aryan! What happened to you arm?" Aryan had to once again push out the image of the teacher wearing a cheerleader outfit and waving pom-poms.

"Well, you see, I broke it. Last night," Aryan said slowly.

"Why, that would be an excellent inspiration for you to write a poem! Try it!" the teacher gushed. Wave wave wave, rah rah rah, stupid freaky dance. Aryan mentally shook her head to rid it of the image.

She thought for a moment before saying, "I heard and felt a snap. Ow."

"Great try!" the teacher gushed, "Put more feeling behind it and more rhythm."

"No," Aryan laughed, "never gonna happen." She then tuned out the teachers' gushing over how she had to improve her poetry. They had moved on from poetry a week ago, and the teacher still hadn't given up. They had started a novel study. It was some boring, sappy, lovey-dovey, romantic fluff book. The teacher, and other girls in the class, loved it and gave the random, but not uncommon, romantic sigh. All the guys, and Aryan, could care less about which fictional character kissed which fictional character, and who had to marry who who. It was a relief to finally hear the bell.

Unfortunately Jacob was already outside her English room door, and proceeded to bug her for the full ten minutes of the break.

"So have you cried yet?" he asked as Aryan started to exchange her English books for science. "Well, have you?" Aryan ignored him and walked off. He followed. "I remember this date last month you were well into freaking out. Tears, screaming, curses, the works. Unfortunately you weren't at the school yet."

"Hey Sarah!" Aryan called running up the girl, Sarah looked back, "Hide me!"

"From who? And why?" Sarah asked in shock.

"From Jacob," Aryan said, "he is being beyond annoying!"

"Oh," Jacob's voice came from behind her, "you are ready to snap? Wow! That will be a first. Or is it your guilt that's building up?" Aryan's fist curled up. "It is, isn't it?"

"Jacob," Aryan said warningly through her teeth.

"What's he talking about?" Sarah asked.

"Personal problems," Aryan answered quickly, "can we go?"

"Sure," Sarah said walking away. Jacob followed closely behind them, "So, can I sign your cast?"

"What is with everyone?" Aryan asked, "I don't let anyone sign my casts!"

"Sorry, didn't know," Sarah said quietly, Aryan nodded in understanding.

"You always used to let people sign your casts!" Jacob taunted.

"Only one person Jacob," Aryan said sourly.

"And is that why you're in such a sour mood?" Jacob taunted, "No one to sign your cast?"

Aryan whipped around, slapped him, and then gave him a cold glare, "Your playing a dangerous game. You know that right? A really dangerous game."

"The only kind I play," he smirked. Aryan raised her hand as if to slap him again, but turned on her heels and marched away. Sarah followed, bewildered.

"I could kill him," Aryan muttered. "Anyway, how as your first class?"

"Uh, great," Sarah said looking behind them. Aryan stole a quick glance as well, Jacob was still following them. "What do you have against him?"

"Well besides everything?" Aryan said. Sarah gave her an are-you-kidding-me look. "No seriously everything." Sarah blinked, "What?" She looked behind her to Jacob, "You explain why we hate each other."

"You're a cold blooded killer," Jacob offered.

"No," Aryan snapped, "I've never killed anyway." She looked over at Sarah's stricken face, "We never liked each other. We've gotten into fights almost every time we see each other. Personally, I think he's a stalker."

"I am not!" Jacob snapped.

"My point proven," Aryan mumbled. Just then the bell rang and Sarah dashed off. "And their goes acquaintance number twenty-five. I think. Or is it twenty-eight?" Aryan shrugged and walked off to her next class.

For the rest of the day Sarah looked like she was avoiding Aryan. At lunch sitting as far away from her as possible. Even in the halls she'd dash into washrooms to avoid Aryan. Once going into the boys' washroom. She came out with a bright red face. After school Samantha, Jacob, and John were all around her locker.

"Samantha," Aryan sighed, "Since you seam incapable of keeping up, go get a head start." Samantha pouted and sulked away. "Jacob, how many times do I have to stress this? Get lost!"

"Oh, but if I do, you'll have no one to remind you what day it is," Jacob taunted.

"I don't need you to remind me of anything!" Aryan said in a forced calm voice, "And if it wasn't for you this day would have no meaning. Now go mourn over the death of that idiot you called a brother."

Jacob turned and walked away. He paused long enough to turn around and say, "Don't mourn the death of the tramp you called a friend too much." And walked away. Aryan's face got a hard look as she turned to face John.

"Maybe this is a bad time," he said quietly.

"No," Aryan said pulling her locker open, "you haven't gotten on my bad side. Yet." Relief spread across his face.

"You do seam more upset then usual today," he said hesitantly.

"Yeah," Aryan said shoving books into her bag and heard a ripping sound. "Shoot!" she hit her head on the locker door in frustration.

"Hey! Hey!" John said pulling her away from her locker, and anything else she could hurt herself with, "It's ok. You can get your bag fixed. Or get a new one."

"That's not it," Aryan said, for once not stepping away from him, "it's everything! This day, the number, Jacob, this stupid anniversary, Jacob, Cassie, and Jacob."

"Jacob must have done something real terrible," John muttered. "Wait, who's Cassie?"

"My best friend," Aryan said with a sigh, "she, died, two months ago. She was, killed two months ago."

"I'm sorry," John said pulling her into a hug. She surprised herself and didn't pull away. She almost wanted to hug him back. "Do they know who did it?"

"Well, if you believe the police, me. If you believe the person who was actually there; the person being me; it was Jacob's brother, who conveniently killed himself."

"Wow," John said patting Aryan's hair, she stepped back and wiped away the few tears that were threatening to fall from her eyes. "Now I'm not so sure you'll want to her my question."

"Ask away," Aryan said pinning the hole in her bag shut.

"Oh," John said, sounding shocked, "well, you know that new thriller movie comes out tonight, and I was kind of, well, wondering if you wanted to go see it. With me." Aryan looked up, shocked. She couldn't say anything. "Oh," John said, "I guess you don't want to." He turned and walked dejectedly away.

He was halfway down the hall before Aryan found her voice, "Hey John," she called, he stopped and looked back, "I'll meet you there." She didn't know why she said that, it just sort of popped out.

"Really?" John asked running back and pulled her into another hug. "It starts at eight, I'll meet you there I guess. You don't have to bring any money, I'll pay for you. Are you sure you don't want me to pick you up?"

"Positive," Aryan said stepping back, "So, at seven thirty then?" John nodded, looking too happy for words, "See you then." She walked off giving him a half smile.

"Aryan!" Miss Rinkle snapped when Aryan got outside, "What took you so long?"

"I was talking to John," Aryan said defensively.

"For so long?"" Samantha asked, mimicking Miss Rinkle's tone.

"Yeah," Aryan said pulling up her hood, "it was important."

"What was so important that it took twenty-five minutes?" Miss Rinkle demanded as they walked off.

"He was asking," Aryan started, then stopped, "nothing."

"Well then, no tea for you!" Miss Rinkle stated.

"Fine with me," Aryan said. "Oh, and Miss Rinkle, me and a, er, some friends are going to a movie tonight."

"No," Miss Rinkle said at once.

"Ah, come on," Aryan said mimicking Samantha's voice, "don't be a spoil sport."

"We-ell," Miss Rinkle said hesitantly, "only if Samantha goes with you." Samantha got a look of pure hope on her face.

"Oh gee," Aryan said snapping her fingers, "I just remembered I'm not about to go! I have a huge project coming up. I'll be in my room all evening working on it." A flat out lie, if Aryan ever told one. Samantha's face fell.

"Well then as soon as you get home you go straight to your room and work on it," Miss Rinkle commanded.

"Oh I will," Aryan said, feeding off the lie, "I'll be so quiet you won't hear a sound."

"If you want, I can help!" Samantha said brightly.

"That's a great idea Samantha," Miss Rinkle said cheerfully, "Isn't it Aryan?"

Aryan rolled her eyes, but said just as brightly as Samantha, "Of course it's a great idea! I'll tell you what, since it's for, ah, science I'll make the Resmectoric Biolomic Bicoride Compound and you can make the Subatomic Pendulanim Sufercloride Compound. Then we'll combine them. There is only one set of safety equipment, and I'm sure it won't fit you so I'll have to wear it. But don't worry, if it is made incorrectly and we do get a small explosion the toxic goo is nothing more then radio-active poison."

Samantha hesitated for a moment before saying in a false cheery voice, "Well then we'll just have to make sure that we follow the directions carefully."

"Well," Aryan said hesitantly, "I won't be able to tell you what to do as I'm making my own part of it. You'll have to read the directions very carefully." She stopped and added, as if in an after thought, 'How's your sheep-latin?"

"You mean pig-latin," Samantha corrected.

"No, sheep-latin," Aryan said, "it's like pig-latin, only in French, spelled backwards, and the occasional 'baa' is added into the middle of random words." Samantha bit her lip and looked down, "But if you really want to help you can. But only if you really want to."

"Actually," Samantha said, "I think you better do it."

"Good choice," Aryan said. "Well, have fun at tea. I'm off to do my, ah, homework." And she quickly walked up the walk to Miss Rinkle's pink abomination of a house. The other two kept walking down the street.

She stopped after the door closed, "Wait. What did I just do?" She thought about it for a second then shrugged. "Oh well! Just one night of fun before I have to go." She quickly dashed up the stairs, dropping her bag on her bed, and nearly ran into the bathroom door before she slowed down.

Aryan took a couple deep breaths and started to mentally remind herself to stay calm. This was nothing important, and after all she wasn't taken to showing emotions; there was no need to show any now. It wasn't that important.

She stopped trying to fool herself as she ran a quick bath. As she covered her arm for the bath she let herself be as close to giddy as she could get without laughing. By the time she got out she had worked her face back into its normal expressionless expression.

"We're home," Miss Rinkle called after the tub had drained out the water.

"Shh!" Aryan hissed out loudly, "you're being a distraction."

"Sorry!" Miss Rinkle's whisper yell floated back, just hearable.

Aryan quickly found an outfit and put it on. But then quickly changed her mind, deciding it was too bright. Then the next one was too dark, and the next the colours clashed and the next didn't fit right. "Get a grip!" She growled to herself, "It doesn't matter what you wear! It's just the movies. It'll be dark in the theatre anyway." She eventually settled on a dark green shirt, camo pants, and her hoodie. By the time she started to brush tangles from her hair she had managed to squash all the jittery queasy feelings; none of which she understood, back into their little pit, and replaced them immediately with her usual mind and mood set. Even though the other feelings kept pushing back. Aryan looked at her clock, it had just turned five forty eight, seeing as she would have to walk she decided that it would be a good time to leave.

Over the years Aryan and Cassie had become experts of climbing out of bedroom windows from any floor, with any help from outside the house, or none at all. So Aryan found it quite easy to sneak out with a window that slid open easily and noiselessly; and there was a tree right outside the window.

"She's just begging for someone to sneak out," Aryan mumbled, climbing down the tree. She jumped down from the last branch and dashed to the street, mentally cursed the wind that whipped her hair into her face.

She heard footsteps but ignored them, anyone could be out walking. She turned the corner and was met by more icy cold wind. She pulled up her hood, but it blew back. The footsteps grew louder, and there were more of them. Aryan got a dreadful feeling in her stomach. She looked behind her, though it wasn't necessary, and saw Jacob and three or four other male vampires following her. Looking forward Aryan picked up her speed a bit.

She quickly turned down the next street. As she got farther down it she heard them turn down the street as well. She stole another quick glance behind her and saw that a few more had joined their pack. Looking forward she took a shaky breath. This was not good. She heard them speed up slightly and all other thoughts fled her mind. She started running, running as fast as her legs could carry her. It wasn't a normal run from your friends, or an, I'm-late-for-a-date-I-better-hurry run. It was a heart pounding, blood rushing, adrenaline laced run tainted with fear.

If she had time, she'd stop to think of why she was afraid, it's not like she hadn't fought vampires before. But it was different then. There were only one or two of them, Cassie was usually there, and both had a bag of equipment each. She had gone and foolishly left her backpack at Miss Rinkle's house. She instinctively reached up for her necklace, before remembering she didn't have it anymore.

"Shoot," Aryan hissed under her breath. She could hear their feet pounding as they ran after her She may be fast by human standers; sonic speed almost; but she was extremely slow by a vampire's. In seconds she found herself flat on her face and stomach, with some weight on her legs. She rolled to her back; which took some work; did a sit up, and quickly punched the vampire with her good hand. It startled him long enough for Aryan to pull her legs free scramble to her feet and to keep running. It was a good thing all the other vampires were farther back, or her escape might not have been possible.

She slid around a corner, almost losing her balance. She could hear their footsteps getting louder, which meant they were getting closer. She tried to run faster but she was already past her limit. All she could do was keep from slowing down, which was already hard.

"What's wrong Aryan?" she heard Jacob taunt, "Afraid? Scared?" Aryan scowled but didn't say anything. It sounded like sounded like he was the closest to her. She hit a dead end and skidded to a stop. There was a column of ladder-like spikes in the wall leading up to the roof of the building. She grabbed a rung and started to pull herself up. Using her good hand for grip and the cast covered part of her other arm to hoist herself higher.

"Oh, no you don't," Jacob hissed grabbing her ankle and pulled her down. She landed on her stomach. After she caught her breath from the landing she scrambled to her feet. Turning around she found herself facing six male vampires. Five in a semi-cercal around her, blocking her chances of running. The sixth one, Jacob, was right in front of her.

"Very good Jacob," Aryan said sarcastically, "you caught me. But did you really need help? Am I that good?"

"No, but it's been such a long time since we've had a good hunt, especially with such an excellent prey. Most humans, if they see us, seize up in fear and just let us eat. Some hunters do that too, but not you. No, not you." Jacob said soothingly, his eyes going from black to a deep crimson. Aryan's hands flew threw her pockets, looking for something, anything! Everything was in her other hoodie Jacob smirked. He started toward her, and unconsciously she stepped back until her back was against the wall. Her head snapped up.

"Out of weapons?" Jacob taunted.

"The effective ones," Aryan said, "still have the basic and primitive one though." She raised her arms and went to put them together to from a cross.

"Oh, no you don't," he hissed grabbing her wrist and cast before they could make the sign and pinning them to the wall. He rested his chin on her shoulder and forehead on the side of her chin. She heard him inhale, and a soft almost inaudible moan escaped his lips. With a glare she tried to kick him, or at least bring her knee up to where it would hurt. He just took his foot and brought her's down and stood on her feet, then stood stone still. She started to try to twist out of his grasp, but he just tightened it.

"Jacob you idiot," she hissed trying to make it look like she was relaxed, but for once she couldn't. Her muscles remained tense.

"Hmm?" he asked dreamily. He tilted his head so that his nose touched her neck, and then inhaled again. Aryan tried to pull her foot free, he put more weight on her toes, causing her to grit her teeth and arch her back. She heard the other vampires laugh. Then suddenly cold breath on her neck changed; instead of being from a downward angle, it was straight on. Aryan's breath caught in her throat. She started to panic, twisting and turning as she tried to push him away. But he didn't budge, he was just too strong.

"Don't be afraid," he said, the words bounced off her throat, "it will only last a second or two." Aryan's breath got heavier and heavier in fear. She felt two pricks, like getting a needle, enter her jugular, and then something like a false pulse surged to the prickles. She tried to struggle, but with each surge she lost more and most strength and everything started to go black. She tried to stop it but it was pointless. Jacob's lips were hard on her neck to catch any falling drops. Finally she fell completely limp, her heart straining to compete with Jacob until it stopped completely. Jacob finish a few seconds later.

He let her wrists go and stepped back. Aryan's body toppled forward. Satisfied, Jacob turned to face his friends. In this act he failed to see the single drop of blood run from the bottom of his two teeth marks, down her neck and splash onto the dirt below.

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