Since the start of man kind

The human animal has only learned to use half its mind

Constantly picking sides

Seeing life black and white

Not understanding that darkness

Is not the absence but the reflection of light

And man created them both

Matters of relativity

Seeming not to grasp that without one

There cannot be the other

Like yin and yang

Two pieces of one beautiful puzzle

The puzzle of life

And our ignorance cuts us like a knife

As we desperately grope

For missing pieces, though we are blind

It's a simple equation really

The man born without the ability to see

With no one to tell him of their reality

Would take it as all there was and will ever be

We think we're seeing it all

But we're seeing through a peephole

For we are all the blind man, and live ignorantly

And yet, regardless of what we may not see

We still make "educated" guesses on how we came to be

Because we cannot accept the fact-

That we are an ignorant pack

So we invent superiors

That in actuality don't progress us

But retract

Not from knowledge

But from our life, whatever it may be

For it's not about knowing

Facts are merely widely accepted opinion

And it's not about seeing

Perception is the mother of deception

It's about existing…

Consciously aware and accepting

Of our innate ignorance

For only when we begin to do this

Can we dismiss that which inhibits us

And grasp the one true salvation of living:


Whatever that may be