A/N: This is a paper I did for school. It sucks but I'm putting it up here anyway cuz I'm certifiably insane. This is the internet so I fit in pretty well anyways lol. Plz R&R!

English Paper SXFJ/122.04/zzz Mrs. Smith Period 3 and a lot of other pointless stuff that means nothing to anyone outside my school and not a lot to most of those in it, so what it's doing on a piece submitted to a huge international writing site as though FictionPress were some closed school intranet I have no idea. shrugs

In this essay I will attempt to show that black is white. Whether black is, or is not, white is a question that has been debated down the centuries and has stimulated the finest minds both here and in those other countries I'm vaguely aware of that speak those funny languages. I don't really have anything useful to say here, but the stifling obsession of my teacher with holding me to a strict format means I have no choice but to ramble on pointlessly like this for several more lines, though I'm good at that so meh.

Impressive-sounding Victorian Philosopher once said, "Oh black, thou art so white," and this statement is self-evidently true. It was also said by Famous Edwardian Author that "were black not white, the stars themselves would cry" and this is indeed the case. Nowadays, even the most famous personalities such as Incredibly Obscure Actor Who Only People Into Exactly The Same Fandom As Me Will Actually Have Heard Of now believe that "black and white are, like, both equal", supporting this approach.

The debate over whether black is white has had serious consequences in the Random Minority Group Community and has often led to heated debate and even occasionally violence. The Rodney King beating was a terrible indictment of police oppression, and even though it has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm supposed to be writing about I thought I'd better put it in to show that I have a social conscience and so be more likely to get good reviews since most people here are starry-eyed liberals in any case.

In conclusion, it can be clearly seen that black is white and that an increasing number of those with understanding and knowledge of the subject have come to realise this fact. Yes, I know I've just said that in the body of the essay, but once again I have to stick to the essay format my teacher told me no matter how dull it is, and as everyone knows any paper written in anything but incredibly boring and dense third-person (oops) with paragraphs all about the same length isn't a proper essay and so will get an F.

Here is a list of random websites I used for sources, though you won't be able to see them since I somehow failed to notice that FictionPress strips out external links completely from uploaded text.