Sometimes she smiles at you. When she's too busy to sneak away for a kiss or a moment of passion you pray won't end too quickly.

You smile back of course, not that you have a choice. Your appreciation of her is beyond your control, penetrating your mind, your body, and even pulsing its way into your heart. And none of it was of your own doing. No, it wasn't you who made her so remarkably divine, no you're not a goddess…she is.

You haven't told her, exactly, all these thoughts, these feelings which flow through your veins…and even more so at the velvet of her touch. You'd thought about it, shared with her bits and pieces here and there, the few words you could muster in those moments beside her, nibbling on her ear or other delicacies, and whispering whatever you could think and manage to speak without stuttering at being so close to her.

In all those moments, the little moments when she's yours, there was no outside one else you needed to see, to hear, to breathe and smell….to touch. In those moments, she was…she IS yours…and no one else's…in those moments…you don't even think about it.

And then she flashes you a smile from across the room as you pass her by, sometimes with an unreadable expression, and sometimes you wonder if she can read your mind, can see into that cloud of confusion sitting atop your heart, and you wonder when it will be until next her sweet breathe will be upon you again, chasing away the worry, the doubt, and clearing the fog from inside you…and wondering if you could make it that long.

Her eyes are so ablaze, glistening at you from afar, as she curls those perfect lips up to you. Her smile is amazing, sweet, and beautiful (not that that's ALL it is, mind you, you simply don't posses any words greater of her, if any such exist). It's so touching and warming to your soul you simply can't attain a sufficient supply of the pleasure.

You watch the beams of lit beauty run from her face to your own now enlightened eyes and you love it, you're enraptured, charmed by its beauty and your goal every time you've spoken with her, kissed her, touched her (and now you could do it just by looking at her in a stride almost twenty feet away) since first setting sight on that magnificent glory has been the same, as it's all you've wanted is to make that vision of beauty occur as often as you possibly could. And when she complies, it's nothing short of a beautiful reward.