Sweetly, In Starlight

Quiet, I stood with my hands to my sides
The cold making frost of my breath
And a heaviness lay in my heart, where it hides
My next step one closer to death

And so realizing this hideous truth
I stopped and stood sound in the snow
As if in my standstill, the storm of my youth
Would endlessly hasten its blow

The cry of some night bird bid me to lift
My cold, troubled eyes to the sky
And in staring above at this infinite gift
I knew why he'd troubled to try

The stars shone above me in happy precision
Destroying the fear in my mind
My heart came to one sweet and sudden decision
To see every star at one time

So I spun like a dancer in the midnight of blue
And my hands in their shaking subsided
My head thrown above me to take in this view
That the space of my spinning provided

And I turned until turning was all that I knew
And the snow lay in piles like scars
So I fell on my back in ambiguous blue
And I watched all the spinning of stars