Night of Shadowed Secrets

Note- the quoted words at the end of this poem are from the song Field of Innocence by Evanescence

Can you blame me?
Of course you can; you've always found fault with me.
Do you have a better answer though?
You, oh great master of all intelligence, I beseech you…
Yeah right.

Wandering down dim hallways of my cracked and broken mind,
I find myself lost in the maze of time and love and life.
And I look into the mirror only to see a shadow's face.
Where did my reflection go?
What horror has stolen its place?

You hear my voice in that lover's song, I wonder what that means.
You laugh with me, yet are so condescending, I wonder which one's true?
But it's all just so wrong you see, and you remind me with every breath.
Oh the chains that bind me,
The virtues that hinder me,
are flexable at best.

Through the mist and beyond the dream
Where latin hymns with sadness ring,
And whispers sing soft that sacred chant
And time is all but irellivent.

Come, listen to the wind and rain,
Hear the quire of shadows sing,
This song of hidden dark deception,
Behind the mythical waterfall.

"As the years pass by
Before my face,
As wars rage before me,
Finding myself
In these last days of existence,
This parasite inside me,
I forced it out.
In the darkness of the storm
Lies an evil,
But it's me."