Raining Sunsets

I watched the sunset today

with the rain

streaming down the window

I'm watching avidly

seeing bit by bit

as the light disappears

over the hills

and the tear drops fall

over the shutters

drip drip drip

into puddles

into tissues

see the silhouette on the horizon

pitch black trees

burned crisp

by the sunlight

falling to ashes

from the storm clouds

letting the rain

fall down my face

soaking into my clothes

letting the last few rays

of sunlight

shine on me

shine on

shine on

let the shadow creep closer

drown out the sunlight

every drop of

golden radiance

swallowed by its shadow

leaving me in darkness

leaving me

in this cloudy blackness

with nothing to keep me

nothing to save me




by my shadow

my dark wet shadow

with the clouds tears

tears from the loss

the loss of those last

beams of radiance