For the Better?

(Setting- Large city in Russia)

(Time Frame- 4444 AA- After Annihilation, the economy in this time period is somewhat stable and the government is a bit shaky)

Narrator: In a very unsure time period, 4 ordinary people lived in a little town in Russia. By this period, Russia had taken over half of the world. Many countries were at war with each other and peace was far from possible. Yet, one corrupted dictator would take advantage of the unstable people, but who would figure 4 ordinary people; Jack Leckio age 17, Brian Oblessin age 19, Garret Galloway age 20, and Oswald Garson age 25, would rise up against Count. Edward.

(In the east part of town)

Brian: Hey Garret! That new laser tag is awesome! Now that they've installed the new software, you can actually feel the laser hit you.

Garret: I know! We should play more often! Too bad those stupid robot teachers are made to give us so much homework.

Brian: Yeah….I've got to head home and finish up some work.

Garret: OK, see ya tomorrow.

Narrator: As Brian and Garret part ways, they notice a strange ringing, that they can't identify.

Narrator: Across town, a man named Oswald just finished working and was walking to his car.

Oswald: I'll talk to you tomorrow (sigh) It's nice to go home after a hard days work programming computers, and cars.

Man: Yup, talk to you tomorrow.

Narrator: Oswald makes his way into his car, and turns on the radio.

Oswald: Always the same ad everyday. Why does this Edward guy have to be so obsessed about getting everyone's side?

Narrator: As Oswald makes his way home, he listens to the hum of his car. He too notices a strange ringing.

Narrator: In the north side of town, a boy named Jack Leckio walks home from school.

Jack: (Mumble to self) Why do these kids have to be so mean….anyway I have a lot of homework.

Student: Hey Jack! What's up?

Narrator: Jack walks passed his fellow classmate.

Jack: (Mumble to self) So much to do in such little time…

Student: OK then…

Jack: This world is so compli-

Narrator: Jack stops in his tracks and notices something strange. He tries to follow and find the source of the eeriness.

Jack and Oswald: What in the world?

Oswald: Oh, hi there.

Narrator: Jack flinches backwards a bit.

Jack: (Quietly, nervously) Hi….

Oswald: What in the world is that?

Brian: You mean, you hear it too?

Oswald: Yup, strange that it would be coming from the Advanced Future Broadcasting and Manufacturing Company.

Garret: I know, the 4 of us should go inside and see what's going on.

Narrator: All 4 head inside, as Jack shyly lingers behind.

Oswald: I'm Oswald, Oswald Garson, by the way.

Brian: Brian, and my best bud Garret.

Garret: What about you?

Jack: I'm….Jack.

Narrator: The 4 head on deeper within the huge building. An automated computer guide leads them to the customer service center. There, the 4 wait.

Garret: Is it just me or is no one else noticing this really loud ringing?

Brian: Hmmmmm…maybe…

Narrator: Brian leans his ear toward a group of coworkers about 100 meters away.

Brian: WOAH! Is it just me or did you hear that too?

Oswald: I thought I heard something but…

Brian: That group over there! I bet I have some weird ability to hear really, really well. Considering none of you really noticed.

Jack: Oswald…

Oswald: Yeah?

Jack: Move over here for me.

Narrator: Seconds later, a huge operating arm malfunctioned and dropped 10 tons of Plutonium and Lithium right where Oswald was standing.


Garret: I don't know what just happened, or did Jack here just tell you to move before the mechanical arm even broke?

Jack: I think I did…

Oswald: I've heard about people having abnormal abilities, but I didn't think they were true. I'm guessing that me and Garret here don't have any special powers.

Garret: Can't say I do. I've never really noticed anything different about me before.

Brian: Oh hey, it's our turn.

Narrator: After a prolonged argument with the customer service attendant, the 4 decided to see the president of the corporation.

Count Edward: Enter.

Oswald: Hello

Count Edward: How can I help the 4 of you?

Brian: Well, the 4 of us have noticed a strange sort of ringing, your count. We wanted to know what it was, because we all think something is not right.

Count Edward: What nonsense! There is no such thing! Leave!

Garret: But-

Count Edward: I said LEAVE!

Narrator: The 4 file out of the huge office and eye Count Edward very suspiciously.

Count Edward: How did they find this out? They shouldn't be able to hear the ringing! If they find out…I'll be ruined! Along with my whole plan! I'll never rule the world. I have to stop them and a few casualties won't hurt the world. As long as no one is different, and no one rises up against me!

(Outside the building)

Garret: That was weird. We just found out 3 things; Brian can hear really well or something like that, Jack senses things before they happen, and Count Edward is up to something.

Jack: Somebody is coming.

Oswald: (Whisper) Follow me.

Narrator: The 4 discreetly run to Oswald's car.

Jack: Why were those guys chasing us?

Oswald: They were sent by Count Edward. My guess is the Count doesn't want us to find something. I'm going to do some research after I drop the 3 of you off.

Narrator: After dropping everyone off, Oswald heads home and does some research on his computer.

Oswald: Let's see…..I'm guessing this has something to do with the messages he broadcasts on the radio…..(gasp) I've got it, these holograms are the proof!

Narrator: The next day Jack, Brian, Garret, and Oswald meet up again at a café.

Jack: So where's Oswald?

Garret: Didn't he call this meeting?

Oswald: Hey! Sorry I'm late, it took me forever to work this hologram out.

Brian: OK, so spill already.

Oswald: Anyway, you know that ringing we've been hearing? Well, it turns out that Count Edward was sending subliminal messages through the radio and T.V. I broke down the mechanical and longitudinal wavelengths. Listen.

Recording: (Robotically, in a mono tone voice) Count Edward is power almighty, obey Count Edward. Count Edward is power almighty, listen to Count Edward…


Brian: I find that to be a bit disturbing. Does that mean Count Edward has been ruling the world through these messages?

Jack: Messages like these are designed to embed into the brain, and command the brain to concur with the messages.

Garret: Why haven't we been persuaded like other people?

Jack: Something about our brains is blocking the urge to listen to the messages.

Oswald: Oh my gosh! We have to stop him before the whole world is exposed to these messages.

Brian: How?

Oswald: We should all go home and sleep on this one.

Garret: Good idea, see you all tomorrow!

Everyone: Bye!

Narrator: Later that evening, Jack calls Oswald.

Jack: Hi, it's Jack

Oswald: Hi, what's up?

Jack: I think I have a plan of how to sneak into the broadcasting building and stop all this.

Oswald: OK, shoot.

Jack: (Inaudible whispering)

Oswald: I think that just might work. We'll meet up 2 days from now in front of the building at 11:30, when it's dark.

Jack: OK, I'll spread the word.

Narrator: So 2 days after the call, they all met up again.

Brian: Hey, so what's this plan of yours Jack?

Jack and Oswald: SHHH!

Jack: Do you want them to catch us?

Garret: No

Oswald: So be quiet!

Brian: OK, jeez

Oswald: According to this map I found on the net, there are 104 floors and Count Edward is at the very top. First, we need to get inside. OK, Brian we need you to listen and tell us when the coast is clear.

Brian: OK…(Pause)…now. Run!

Oswald: Try to make it to that bush next to the east door!

Narrator: The 4 succeed in getting into the building.

Jack: That was close!

Garret: Yeah, where to next?

Oswald: Hmmm…let's see…according to this map the only way to shut down the broadcasts is by shutting off the main core. This is where your plan comes in Jack.

Jack: Yup, Brian come with me.

Brian: Ummm…ok, but what's going on?

Oswald: Garret come with me there's nothing we can do here.

Garret: But what's the plan? Where are we going?

Narrator: After the 4 split up into 2 groups Jack and Brian head towards the main core, and Oswald and Garret head towards the lobby area.

Garret: Oswald, where are we going?!

Oswald: Just be quiet and do what I say.

Garret: OK…

Oswald: Here we are. On my count.

Garret: What am I supposed to do!?

Oswald: Just do what I do.

Narrator: As Oswald and Garret hide behind a corner, they eye the security guards warily. Suddenly Oswald jumps out in the open.

Oswald: Hey ya chumps!

Garret: What the heck are you doing?!

Oswald: Run! They're catching up! Run out the west doors!

Narrator: As Oswald and Garret distract most of the guards, Jack and Brian make their way towards the main core.

Jack: Here, this way.

Brian: OK, can you tell me what your plan is already?

Jack: I've done some thinking and your powers can probably do more than you thought they could.

Brian: Wait. Guards are coming. Run. I think someone sounded an alarm. Run as fast as you can towards the main core. Hurry, they're about 50 meters down that hallway.

Narrator: Meanwhile, in the very top of the building…

Count Edward: What in the world is going on down there? All those idiots went out chasing those 2 outcasts! Let's check the security cameras. The other 2 are heading towards the main core, I have to stop them!

Narrator: Jack, Brian, and Count Edward all head towards the Main Core.

Jack: This is it, this door right here! Hurry get in!

Narrator: As Jack and Brian get in, they are stopped by Count Edward.

Count Edward: You 2 aren't going anywhere and you aren't stopping my dream of world domination!

Jack: Oh yes we are!

Narrator: Jack pulls out what appears to be at least 200 firecrackers.

Brian: Jack what are you doing?!

Jack: Brian when I tell you, concentrate as hard as you can on these firecrackers.

Count Edward: Oh no you won't!

Narrator: Just then Count Edward runs toward the two, at the same time Jack lights the firecrackers, and throws them as hard as he can at the core.

Jack: Now!

Narrator: With all his might, Brian concentrates on the firecrackers. Just then a huge rumbling engulfs the earth.

Jack: Run Brian, run!

Narrator: Brian and Jack try to get out of the building as fast as they can. Just seconds after leaving the building, the ground begins to shake. Suddenly, the entire 104-story building collapses under itself. Somehow in all the confusion, Oswald, Brian, and Garret find each other.

Brian: Wow, that was really close.

Oswald: You can say that again. Wait! Where's Jack?!

Brian: I thought he was behind me the whole time! I didn't realize we got separated.

Garret: We have to find him!

Narrator: Garret tries to run toward what is left of the building, but Oswald stops him.

Oswald: No…Garret, leave him. It's too late.

Garret: (In a very depressed tone) No…this can't be happening…


To Whom It May Concern,

The year is 4448. 5 years after that fateful day. We never found Jack, and to this day no one knows where he is or even if he's still alive. My time is limited. Brian, Garret, and I were all found guilty of treason, and murder. We were all put in jail. No one would believe our story, but at least the 4 of us knew what Count Edward was really planning. Brian died 4 years ago. They gave him the death sentence, because of what was shown on security holograms they later found. I haven't even seen Garret since the accident, and I don't have any contact with the outside world. I have no clue what the result of our actions was, but I'm positive they were for the better…


To Whom It May Concern,

It's been 6 years after the accident. I escaped the police and I've been hiding out ever since. I haven't seen Oswald or Brian for the passed 5 years. Word is Brian was sentenced to death. Oswald, well, I haven't heard anything from him. I'm guessing he's dead. With the result of what we did, happiness no longer exists. After the death of Count Edward the government fell, and since Russia was most of the world, the world simply fell to pieces. People are on the streets and the world population has dropped by at least 50. What would have happened if the 4 of us hadn't destroyed Count Edward's reign? Did we do the right thing? It seems like our actions were for the worst. I don't know how much longer I can live in such a secluded life. I haven't heard from a living person for 2 years now and Brian, Oswald, and Jack are all dead. This world has become a death zone, and there seems to be no point in living. Wait. Someone is coming.