Political Correctness Gone too Far!

04:27 PM, 15 October 2006 by The White Moniteo

I think Political Correctness is a plague on society. People nowadays go to such great length to avoid offending others.

Yesterday I was at the beach enjoying the water, the sand, and the sun. In the old days children used to run around naked everywhere and it was no problem. I thought I'd let my two children do the same. Since it was so hot I allowed them to take off their clothes and they went about building a sand castle.

All of a sudden, a mother nearby approached me and told me to clothe my children because she was offended by their nakedness. I told her they're just children, but she kept harrassing me. Believe it or not, she then called the police and they demanded that I clothe the children because it may offend others. I now protest against the politically correct society by walking around naked when I go to the mall. I also bring my naked children along with me as well although my wife is reluctant to stand up to political correctness.

In today's society, language is being changed. When I was in medical school I used to always use the c-word when referring to female private parts but nowadays I notice students using the less offensive, more clinical, more politically correct term "vagina."

I was at the church one day with my two kids. My little daughter had to go to the toilet. Just before she went I reminded her to "make sure you wipe your c-t dry so you don't wet your dress." As it turned out, I said it a little too loud and everyone in the church heard me. I was banned from the church just for giving commonsense advice to my children. In an effort to prevent people from being offended, society has gone too far in its attempt to censor!

What ever happened to freedom of expression? I suppose I have a nostalgia for the old days when we didn't have the sensationalist news media constantly scaring people about child molestors and naked people. Things used to be simple back then but now everyone is offended by everything. Political correctness has gone too far!