A/N: I was told that the original version is too choppy sounding, and I agree. Therefore; I ask that you compare this newer version with the one in the second chapter and tell me which is better.


Sunset; the days begun

Bright red lights are screaming through the night… light

A softer glow, comforts and protects them while they're sleeping

I am at rest, 'til daybreak and the shadows flee away


Moonbeam; the dark of night

Shows the way to all those who would… seeker

Of ancient truth, echoes in the semblance of tomorrow

Eternal star, hold the flame the light will lead the way


Daybreak; the answers free

Bright white light that fills this empty… rumors

That shake the earth, deceit and lies that bring us to our knee jerk

Reaction, too, even a child is known by the work to do


Twilight; the rain will fall

The sun will fade, the shadows come from… hiding

Some other key, you know the way, you've seen it in your mind

Now, you are at rest, 'til daybreak and the shadows flee away