I walk on an autumn morning all alone,
Wishing there was someone beside me.
A silent tear falls down my cheek,
Because I fear no one loves me.
Though I could never say that to you.
To anyone, anyone out there.
They'd just never understand,
How I feel inside when I dream this nightmare.

When I watch them pass me by,
Not waving, smiling, speaking my way,
I want to scream, fall down and scream,
And wish everything away.
Make it all leave me,
Make it go away...

To see hearts sewn together,
And watch mine fall, piece by piece.
I realize that I may never feel that way,
As I feel my heartache increase.
And it's not fair, to watch them.
It's not fair, to see them smile.
It's not fair... it's not fair.

You don't see me wince;
You don't see me cry;
You don't see me wonder;
You don't ask me why.
You don't see me plead;
You don't see me lie;
You don't see me break;
You don't ask me why.

I'd never admit to you that I'm unhappy,
Because I don't believe you'd care.
I'd never disguise myself with a frown,
Because I know you'd only stare.
I'd never convince you I was broken,
Because I'd hate to see you scared.
I'd never tell you how I really feel,
Because I'd lose you within my despair.

I like to admit to other people that I'm happy,
Though it makes me hurt more sometimes.
I'd rather not let anyone know I'm breaking,
And just tell them, "I'm fine."

I'm fine.