Day by Day

Smiles go unreturned
The blush fades from my face
No more lovesick swooning
Only memories I can't erase

No more hearts by your name
No more tears to cry
I'll burn the pictures in the fire
Let the ashes fly

You've finally left my dreams
But I can't sleep in peace
I'm still mending my broken heart
Piece by shattered piece

I've gotten rid of the collection
Lost your model train
Your umbrella's in the trash can
Who cares if it should rain?

Ripped off the calendar
Those circled dates are gone
I don't care if it's your birthday
Not gonna be your mindless pawn

I'm completely over you
Or so I'd like to think
So no more sappy love letters
I've thrown away the ink

So just walk on by
I'll swallow the things I want to say
Until my heart is whole again
I'll wait, day by day