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Into Oblivion

Chapter 1

The boy ran through the park panting and feeling the muscles of his legs stretch and ache, with what he knew, was lactic acid. He didn't dare to look backwards scared that he might loose balance or trip or…whatever happened to you when you look back at the guys that are following you. But yet in this case you couldn't call them ´guys'. They were something else, obviously evil.

He didn't know why the hell he had decided to get into the park of all places. Maybe, because it was the shortest route to his house, but he wasn't sure. He wasn't really thinking straight either way. He could finally see one of the many exits of the park with its open gates and large light posts. It was his goal to get there and possibly realize this was all a bad dream, a very bad dream or at least, that those things had decided to stop following him.

It all started when he had just come out of a bar and a tall man with dark clothes approached him, his long black cloak matched his long hair, but his yellow eyes were something different and scary. And at the other side a shorter (but still tall) male with a formal leather jacket and dark brown hair blocked his way. Dimitri tried to ignore the men and walked away, but soon realized they were following closely. He finally freaked out when he felt a cold hand on his neck.

But now he had finally reached the light, it was just those few meters and he would be at home. But from the two stone posts that held the bright lamps, the two creepy men jumped onto the pavement. Dimitri stood petrified. He now knew what they were…Vampires.

The brown haired male sighed, "Look Kabe, I will let you take a bit of a taste and then I will take him with me."

Kabe, or the male with black hair snarled, "Don't fuck with me, I saw him first. That blondie is coming with me."

Dimitri noted that the more elegant male had a very English accent. "For fuck's sake Kabe, you have enough younglings to care about. Let me get this one."

Axel had heard from various sources that Kabe, or his former brother, was having a knack to create many younglings but without taking care of them. These were the lousy vampires that were constantly getting killed or did very bad jobs in night hunts.

On the other hand, Kabe hated the way Axel tried to play big brother, and whatever happened in his household wasn't any of the other vampires business. As far as he was concerned the fittest would always survive.

"I think a fight might be the best option for this, won't it Axel?" Kabe licked his lips and opened his hands revealing claws. Axel rolled his eyes but revealed claws as well.

They were about to jump at each other when a little yelp distracted them, and then, a cold voice. "What pathetic taste you both have." Between them was a young man standing, nineteen or twenty Dimitri would have thought. But right now the blonde had his neck between the young man's hand.

He had dark blue, almost black hair, and the brightest and coldest blue eyes Dimitri had ever seen. His skin was pale and flawless, and his face had a childish glint to it. He looked even younger then Dimitri (who was 19) but had an old air about him. The vampire quirked an elegant eyebrow, "What? I get no greeting?"

Axel bowed his head with respect, "Sorry master."

Kabe did the same thing but with stiffer movements, "Lion."

Lion didn't make comments on how Kabe was addressing him, he inspected the boy in his hand. "So is this really worth fighting for?"

"Please…" Dimitri's eyes widened when he started feeling pressure upon his neck and wind pipe.

Lion ran a finger against the boys cheek with a lusty smirk, "I love when they beg."

Kabe was getting desperate to get home and away from the young looking vampire, or at least take the blonde with him. "Is there are reason for your visit?" he inquired calmly.

Lion's attention towards Dimitri stopped, and so did the pressure that was chocking him. "Actually yes, I miss my lovelies." Kabe and Axel didn't show it but they knew that this wasn't just a normal visit. He rarely spoke to both of them together, or at them at all. "And I want a little chat." Lion blinked at them and in an instant they were in an old house, where they had spend more than the necessary years, so long ago.

Kabe and Axel had met many years ago, a few after the industrial revolution to be a bit more precise. Their real names, or old names, are of no importance since they never remembered them and never will. Axel was in Amsterdam representing an English train company, to plan the new railways that would be built throughout the flat country. After a hard day of work he went to the nearest pub to drink something, as he enjoyed the beer in his hands he heard a man and a woman discussing.

Kabe was a local butcher, he had invited his girlfriend a drink that night but said girlfriend didn't want anything to do with him anymore. He had become pissed and was currently shouting at her. Axel couldn't stand the loud noise and stood up to demand Kabe to shut up. To make story short, they both ended outside fighting.

A giggle broke the silent night air, and shivers ran through their spines. Axel stopped immediately with fighting feeling something bad was going to happen. Kabe took advantage of this distraction and hit Axel's face hard, but before a second punch could connect with the English man, a cold hand took Kabe by the neck and threw him against the nearest wall with fearful strength.

Before them stood a boy with an amused smile, "You two are so funny."

"Get out of the way kid, this has nothing to do with you." Kabe snapped even though he could feel a rib had broken with the hit.

Axel had wanted to stand up and walk away, but the boy had grabbed his arm and was leading him towards the fallen Kabe. Something inside Axel told him not to fight back, this teenager was dangerous and when light shone in his face he didn't look that childish at all. The grip on Axel changed from his arm to his neck, the brunette began to breath faster fearing the worst. The dark haired boy took hold of Kabe's neck again, "You both act like brothers, I like you."

The boy then revealed white fangs, and both men tried to struggle against the grip. He bit Axel first, enjoying the sweet and warm taste of his blood. Axel began to feel weaker and weaker his eyes closing and skin going pale, Kabe's eyes grew wide, and fear ran through his body like never before.

"Fuck, get away! S-stop!" he shouted and the boy turned towards him with a bloodied mouth and bit him too. It wasn't normal for vampires to attack two victims at the same time, even less convert them with mixed blood. For the pale boy had drunk both different types of blood, and then had let it get in his system, before making them drink his own.

The boy could see the changes in both men's bodies, he placed them against the wall but their bodies were too weak, "You are now brothers and my younglings. Kabe and Axel."

As both bodies fell onto the floor Axel opened his eyes momentarily, feeling someone stroke his hair, "What are you?" he croaked and for the first time realized how beautiful those cold blue eyes were. And then, the sweet smile and red lips moved.


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