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Into Oblivion

Chapter 7

"Ah Seed! I am glad you could make it." Oblivion's voice rang through the gothic room, that even though filled with sharp and intimidating decorations, had a warm welcoming light and sphere to it. That maybe, only vampires could detect.

"Yes, yes. It took me awhile to find the information about you." A man rubbing his forehead, approached the grinning vampire.

"I hear that every time." Oblivion laughed, taking his glass of wine to his lips and watching the creature before him with his azure blue eyes. "Pretty lame excuse."

The man looked troubled, not knowing if he should take it as a joke, "I apologize."

Oblivion laughed, "Get seated, we will later join the others downstairs." But before Seed could ask who were downstairs, a glass was filled for him, "What is your name now?"

"Sol." The man finally relaxed on the seat and went about telling the old vampire how he had come to the body he had taken hostage.

Oblivion nodded politely, every time a seed came by, almost the same story was unfolded. First: his identity was found when he had finally regained his total memory (he didn't know why this part always came in, some sort of way of trying to make other feel guilty for him?), then second: he had to find a good candidate, a vampire, before he was killed (this was obviously the climax), and finally: he never got the right guy, but well (there comes a shrug) it was the best he could do to survive.

Oblivion smiled and took a breath, "Alright Seed, there are a few things we have to get clear."

Seed narrowed his eyes thinking, "As far as I remember, you are a sort of guardian?"

The pale vampire nodded, "Yes, my family has always been assigned to be guardian and guide of 'the everlasting'. If I am not mistaken you are from the last true beings." Oblivion shrugged adding, "In other words you will be killed at some point."

"I prefer to transfer myself, than to get properly killed" Seed commented coldly.

Oblivion finished his drink, it was irritating when nobody understood his humor. "I know. That's what you've been doing the last few centuries." He rolled his eyes to dramatize his statement. "But mark my words, many will try to get to you. To you know, drink the ultimate power."

Seed moved his body forward, "But it's not that easy. They kill me every time, but never do they try or find how to get the powers."

Oblivion stood up, tired of the discussion, "Someday, someone will figure that out."

Seed sighed and looked around deciding to apologize or not. He suddenly saw two bodies on the floor, one sitting calmly and the other one in a strange position.

The smell of Oblivion came off them. "I can't recall you ever having younglings."

The dark haired vampire turned briefly to smile at his lovelies. "They're new."

"Don't talk about us as if we were toys!" Kabe barked making chains rattle. Both males had their wrists and ankles attached to chains. But they were specially made to react to any rash movements.

Axel sighed, "Don't start Kabe…"

"Let us go! We've been here 3 days alreagy, I'm hungry!" Kabe's chains became shorter and he was pressed further against the wall.

Seed walked closer to the younglings, first smiling at Kabe who growled back, "He's a funny one. Very noisy." A further rattle and Kabe was completely pinned to the wall. Seed laughed and turned to Axel who sat with his legs crossed. "And you…silently attractive." He checked the brunette out making him blush a bit.

Oblivion laughed, "Let's go seed. We have to talk about your plans."

"I hope they will be coming downstairs." Seed flashed a smile and gave a cocky wink towards Axel, making the chained vampire flinch.

"Who the fuck was that?" Kabe spat glaring at the door.

"That was an everlasting."

"A what?"

Axel's flush disappeared and he narrowed his eyes at Kabe, "Haven't you read anything Master has given us?"

Kabe stared back, "Do I look like the reading type?"

"You made your point." Axel ran a hand through his brown hair, "The book says that a long time ago, when vampires and werewolves both reined the known world there was a certain equilibrium between all three species.

"But at some point, more humans made their way from other lands, but no vampires or werewolves had seen them as a danger. They were too busy with the eternal fight between each other. They killed each other until only a few clans survived, and at some point they had become so small, their original territory had decreased more than an 80.

And that's when humans started attacking too."

Kabe stared at Axel, why did the guy read the books in the first place? He had accepted their fate too easily, while Kabe still tried to keep his dignity. But instead of making a rude comment, he really wanted know about this everlasting. "What does this history class have to do with that guy?"

Axel snapped at him, "I wasn't finished asshole!" His new 'brother' could be such an ass, it was always his fault they both ended up punished. "Well, one of the vampire clans decided to make a new breed, mixing all the other clans powers in one. And the result was the everlasting.

They are called everlasting because of their multiple abilities which gives them advantage over everything and in theory an everlasting life."

Kabe shrugged against the chains, "But that's stupid, at some point you can get killed."

"Well, there comes the name seed. When in danger they can transfer into another vampire, and stay there dormant until danger's gone."

"And if they're host is killed?"

"Then, they take a huge risk and go for a human. But then they can't wake until the human gets bitten."

Kabe snorted, "That's even more stupid! There are tons of humans that live their whole lives without ever encountering a vampire."

Axel felt he was giving a very easy lesson to a very irritating kid, "A seed attracts vampires. If we were to hunt in the city, the first guy we (or any vampire) would go for is the seed. But there is a legend that says that by killing a seed you can get the ultimate power, all those combined powers a seed has gathered through history."

"But if a seed gets a youngling then he can have all of that right?"

"That is the only defect or security on a seed: They cannot create younglings, their blood is like poison."

"So what is the idea of having something everlasting if you can't inherit it?"

Axel stared at Kabe, damn, that was a very smart question. So the guy did have brains, he was probably just too lazy, the bastard.

"I don't know Kabe." They both fell silent, but still, the brunette thought about the question, for there was no answer in the book. What was the reason, if not to preserve vampires? One was not enough, even as a seed. Vampires, even if they didn't have that 'pack ideal' like the wolves, they did live in communities, households…they were social beings. Proud and therefore would never be extinct.

Axel thoughts were disrupted by Kabe's grunt as he fell on the floor. The chains were gone, which meant their punishment was over.

"Man, I really need a drink."

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